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Solitaire Gold is one of the few online solitaire real money game apps. Solitaire Gold offers card enthusiasts the opportunity to play solitaire on the go with an added benefit of winning real cash. It is the modern-day real money multiplayer game with a unique and enhanced user interface to provide the smoothest gaming experience ever. Solitaire Gold is a great platform to utilize your solitaire card game strategies and win real cash and other exciting prizes.

Solitaire Gold is fully owned and operated by Silver Centurion Techsolutions Private Limited. Owing to the popularity of the age-old game, Silver Centurion created an avant-garde gaming app for card lovers. Solitaire Gold is managed by a professional management team with years of experience in the online gaming industry.

If you have any queries related to our games or platform, you can contact us via email. Our Customer Support team will get back to you and provide you with a solution within 48 working hours. If you feel your queries/issues have still not been resolved fully, feel free to call us to call us and we’ll be happy to provide a comprehensive resolution of all your issues in the shortest possible time. Below are the complete details of Solitaire Gold Help.

24x7 Solitaire Games with Endless Excitement

Solitaire Gold promises to be more than just an online gaming platform. It comes with a complete package of entertainment, thrill, and excitement. Leisure at the comfort of your home and enjoy the most challenging solitaire games with players across the nation. Solitaire Gold app is designed in such a way to keep the nostalgia and memory of the game fresh in the mind of the player while still being a brand new exhilarating gaming platform.

Step inside the world of Solitaire Gold to enjoy a Head-to-Head competition. If you cherish being part of the larger competition, be part of the League competition. Aim for bigger cash prizes and more surprises in the League section of the app.

Safe and Fair Online Games

Games on the Solitaire Game app is 100% legal, safe and secure. Solitaire is a game of skill and is protected by the Constitution of India which makes it completely legal to play solitaire online with cash on Solitaire Gold. As per the court ruling, playing games of skill like solitaire is considered a business activity. Therefore, the activity of playing a game of skill with cash is protected under Article 19[1](g) of the constitution of India.

In 1996, the Supreme Court of India stated that a competition where chances of success depend on a significant degree of skill is not gambling. Solitaire is preponderantly a game of skill and thus may be considered a game of ‘mere skill’. However, due to unclear laws of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh, players are not allowed to play solitaire with real money online.

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Download the Solitaire Gold app from our website and register for free. Create your account to enjoy modern-day online solitaire multiplayer games. Use your strategies to win real cash rewards by participating in the head-to-head and league competitions. Deposit now to start playing on the real cash tables.

So, learn solitaire tips and tricks and get ready to win real cash prizes daily!