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3 Card Games You Need to Play Right Now!

Card games go back a long time. Having been invented in the far east, they have existed here in different forms for centuries now. For decades now, friends, families, and strangers have convened at fire places, table tops and dinner tables to play a friendly or perhaps not-so-friendly game of cards. Portability was one major reason why they were crowd’s complete favorite. Sailors, soldiers, adventurers and travellers were all smitten by the appeal of the game. 

The element of risk and reward adds spice to a game, which would otherwise have been a repetitive activity. For their rich history, every man should know a handful of them. The ones mentioned below are here because of their popularity and intrinsic value. Read on to know more about such timeless games that have triumphed their way through the millennial. 

Gin Rummy 

There are mild specifics that change in every variant. Although, Rummy as a broader category of card games, involves the gameplay where participants make melds of 3(or more) of the same number/rank, or 3(or more) cards in a sequence( a run). It is basically any game where you draw and discard cards to form groups of cards or “melds”. The players draw a card from either an undealt or discard pile, and throw out an unwanted card as well. When all the players’ cards are as many as are needed based on the variation, they go out and get points based on what the remaining players have at their hand. Generally, a game is played to a set point number, often 100. 


A classic trick-taking game, which originally stems from whist, where the queen is also known as “Calamity Jane” or “Black Lady”. The game play is rather unique and interesting where you want to avoid taking tricks. It is usually played for 100 points but the person who scores 100 first is actually the loser, whereas the person with the lowest score is considered the winner. This is where hearts have a point each and the queen of spades equals 13 points. 

While the modern version requires 4 players to get a game going, the number can be changed to more or less according to the variation being played. This game breathed a new life when Microsoft included it in their built in version of computer solitaire. Looking at the times now, I think it is much easier to not keep staring at default opponents for completing the game. 


Solitaire has innumerable versions, where everyone has a favorite variant of choice. The traditional solitaire game was first developed in the mid 1700s, and appeared in codified writing in the late 1700s. 

It was first played with multiple people, where they took turns making moves. Else each person played with their own deck to see who would win first. There are also rumors that Napoleon played when he was exiled and there are plenty of games named after him. Solitaire totally boomed after its launch in the personal computer version, along with Hearts. Klondike, Freecell and Spider became the most popular back in the day. 

Hardly anything has changed in this regard, though. Millions are still huge fans of these variants available online now.You can continue to play Solitaire online without breaking a sweat. Happy gaming, indeed.

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