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3 Reasons to Play Solitaire on Your Smartphone

Gone are the days when we used to be hooked to the desktop screen arranging cards to win at solitaire. With the advent of technology, everybody started playing games on smartphones, which are easy to access and be carried around in pockets.

To help you enjoy your favorite card game on your mobile phone, we’ve developed a brand-new app that provides you a great experience of playing solitaire online.  Now you don’t have to sit in front of a huge desktop or boot your laptop to play solitaire. Just get a solitaire download on your phone and enjoy gaming anytime, anywhere.

If you are still not sure, here are 3 reasons why you should download the Solitaire Gold app onto your smartphone right now:

#1 Super Simple and Fun

People played solitaire game for decades. With changing times, card decks and desktops have taken a back seat. With the solitaire game app on your smartphone, you can play the game easily anywhere, anytime. You can compete with the most skilled players from across the country and test your skills. Solitaire Gold is super fun, addictive, and easy to download and play. Learn how to download the Solitaire Gold app here.

#2 Zero Waiting Time: Play Anytime Anywhere

Solitaire Gold has hundreds of thousands of registered users who are online and playing solitaire games at any given time. So whenever you feel like playing your favorite card game, just open the app and you’re all set to play. No waiting for friends or relatives to join you for a game. Also, on Solitaire Gold you play multiplayer games with real players, not bots. 

#3  Win Real Cash Prizes

On Solitaire Gold you can win loads of real money using your solitaire skills. Play for entertainment and get rewarded with cash prizes! What could be better than that! Play like good old days but now win real cash instead of useless chips. Win real money by playing solitaire with the ultra-modern app Solitaire Gold whenever you get the time.

Come play your favorite game with Solitaire Gold and increase your bank balance! Happy gaming!  

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