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4 Reasons to Play Solitaire on Solitaire Gold

Since time immemorial, solitaire has been the go-to game for card lovers. It had initially gained in its desktops. It has only become more and more popular across the world since. Being one of the easiest and quickest card games, it has been a public favorite. First played with physical cards and then offline on computers, it is now played online worldwide through applications and websites. With the introduction of online games, solitaire players have formed a large network of gamers online. 

You can now download the amazing solitaire card game app by Solitaire Gold and play to your heart’s content. Rest assured, you’ll have a most enjoyable experience. Here are four reasons why we claim that: 

  1. A clutter-free interface 

Solitaire Gold replicates real-life playing experience on its platform. Brilliant graphics, superb UI and smooth gaming are what you experience when you play solitaire online on Solitaire Gold. It is also easy to understand and hassle-free to navigate. In a nutshell, you are in for a complete package!

  1. Attractive prizes and offers

On Solitaire Gold, you get multiple benefits right from the time of registration. There are exclusive bonuses and daily offers for you once you register on the app. One great benefit is a welcome bonus of up to ₹1500, which is credited to your account once you make your first deposit on the platform. 

You can also get referral bonuses on the app through our Refer and Earn program. All you have to do is invite your friends to play on the app. You get up to a ₹500 bonus for every successful referral.

Apart from that, the biggest source of winning hefty rewards is cash games. Polish your skills by playing unlimited free games, and come and try your hand at cash games and leagues. Trust us, the prize money is going to make you swoon.

We also have an easy and quick withdrawal process. To withdraw your winnings, you just need to place a withdrawal request online and the money is credited to your bank account at the earliest.

  1. Safe gaming environment

Solitaire Gold ensures that your online gaming experience is free from fraud, match-fixing or biased deals. We offer you the most trustworthy platform with all legal permissions, so that you never feel unsafe or biased against. Every cash transaction on Solitaire Gold is 100% legal and secure. 

We have a RNG (random number generator) program that ensures random distribution of cards to all the players. It makes sure that there is no bias and cards are distributed absolutely randomly and without any human interference. Every player participating in a game gets exactly the same cardas in the same layout. 

As far as legality of the game is concerned, solitaire is 100% legal to play and is categorized as a game of skill. The law says that it is absolutely legal to play skill games for cash or for free, and hence you can play the game without worrying about its legality. The state gaming laws of a few states do not allow playing cash games online, so Solitaire Gold does not offer its cash games and leagues to players living in those states. Players living in those states can only play our free games.  

  1. Multiplayer gaming

You get two game formats on Solitaire Gold: Head to Head and Leagues. Each format is designed to suit the choice and skill of players. In head-to-head games, you play with one opponent at a time who could be anyone from across the country. In a league, you compete with multiple players from across the country at the same time and win a bigger prize if you win

Both the formats are excellent ways to win cash prizes. You just need to try your hand at the game, and we assure you that you’ll love it. 

With Solitaire Gold, playing solitaire online is safe and easy, with zero hassles or interruptions. It makes sure that your solitaire experience is enriching, satisfying and productive. Go and download the Solitaire Gold app and start playing right now! Happy gaming!

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