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4 Skill-based Online Card Games That You Can Play for Real Money

Card games have become one of the most popular types of online games. The engagement and thrill provided by these games has become one of the most significant reasons for their popularity. You can play many card games for free on apps and have a good time. But what if you could use your skills and turn your entertainment into productive entertainment? Now you can play card games and win real cash while having fun. 

You can indulge in anything from rummy and call break to solitaire for real money. Playing your favorite card games online is the best way to stay entertained, and when you can win cash, you have double the fun. In every game, you get an opportunity to compete with players from all over the country and show off your skills. 

In addition to entertainment, you will also get to learn several new skills that will make you an even better player. You can challenge your friends and compete in friendly games to see who has the best skills. If you also want to make your entertainment time productive by playing some skill games, here are the top 5 card games you must try. 

Indian Rummy 

Indian rummy is one of the most popular card games you can play with players from all over the country. The Indian rummy variant includes points, pool, and deals rummy. The rules and stakes for each game are different, but the primary objective of the game remains the same. 

Players need to reduce their points to zero by melding cards into sequences and sets. To win the game or to make a declaration, a player must have at least two sequences out of which at least one must be a pure sequence. 

The player who makes a valid declaration first wins the game. Rummy is becoming increasingly popular with Indian gamers. Online apps let you play rummy with many players and even compete in tournaments to win cash. 


Solitaire is another popular skill game that many Indians grew up playing. The traditional version of this game can only be played by a single player, but now apps have made it possible to play it in a multiplayer mode. 

You can compete with players from all over the country and even participate in tournaments or leagues. Solitaire is completely a skill-based game and with every round, you will learn more about how to beat solitaire opponents and become an expert player. 

The objective of this game is to arrange all cards in sequence (from ace to king) by suit in four foundation piles. The player who arranges all the cards first or scores more points is declared the winner. 

Call Break 

Call break is one of the simplest skill games that you can play online. The simple rules and gameplay make this game appealing to players. Each player gets 13 cards, and they are required to bid the number of winnable tricks after they have looked at their cards. 

Then the first player will play a card of their choice, and other players will follow by discarding a card of the same suit. If they don’t have a card of that suit, they can use the trump card. 

Players can win by playing the highest-ranking card, or a high-ranking trump card. The score is calculated after every round and the player with the highest score after 5 rounds wins the game.  

21 Puzzle 

Players with solid calculation skills will definitely love this game. The primary objective of the game is to get a higher score than your opponent. It is a fast-paced game that goes on for about three minutes. If you can make quick additions, this will be the perfect game for you. Once the game starts, the screen will display a board divided into 5 columns plus an open deck that will be placed at the bottom of the screen. 

The players are required to drag and drop cards in any column with the goal of making a total of 21 points or less. If the total value of a column goes beyond 21, the player will lose a life. If you lose three lives during the game, the game will end. The player with the higher score at the end of 3 minutes wins the game.


Skill-based card games will not only keep you entertained but will help you sharpen your skills and win cash at the same time. These 4 card games are loved by Indians all over the country, and you should try them too. If you feel like indulging in your favorite childhood game, Solitaire Gold is the perfect option for you. Download the Solitaire app and use your solitaire skills to win cash rewards.

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