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4 Strategies to Win Solitaire Games

Solitaire is easy to learn to play and provides you with unlimited entertainment and fun. This classic game can now be played online on your mobile device, thanks to the advancements in technology and the rise of the internet. With the help of the Solitaire Gold app, you can play free online solitaire games with real players from across the country.

If you already know how to play solitaire, you probably understand how important it is to strategize and plan well to win a game of solitaire. Solitaire requires a lot of patience, practice and agility to win. Today let’s take a look at the 4 best strategies that can help you win a solitaire game.

1. Learn the rules very well

As a beginner, you need to learn the game’s rules before playing the game. Learning the rules of the game well will help you to understand how to play it with confidence. If you are not thorough with the rules of the game, your playing strategy and the ways in which you can win each game will get limited.

2. Reveal the top 3 cards from the stockpile as your first move

Solitaire is a game that involves the mathematical concepts of probability and permutations, where even one extra card or one extra element in the game can completely change the outcome of the game. Turning over a card from the stockpile as your first move gives you that leverage. With this strategy, you can get a glimpse of the first three cards in the stockpile to start planning your moves with those cards in mind. This way, you also open yourself up to more options in the game.

3. Do not empty a tableau column until you have a king

If you do not have a king to start a new tableau pile with, it would not be wise to empty a tableau column. Emptying a pile with no king to start a new one would mean that you have one less pile to play with, which drastically reduces the total number of possible moves that can be made. It blocks your play with that entire spot until you find another king. This can take away a lot of advantages from you in the patience game.

4. Make your moves quickly

It is a good idea to plan your moves ahead and be on a strict timetable as waiting around too long can give your opponents an advantage. Remember, simply moving cards from the tableau to the foundation does not ensure victory. The winner is ultimately decided by the number of points, which means that you need to finish your game before your opponent. This is why agility is of the essence in a game of solitaire.

So those were the top 4 strategies that you need to keep in mind while playing a game of solitaire. On Solitaire Gold, you can showcase your solitaire skills to defeat your opponents and win real cash prizes. Utilizing these strategies can give you an advantage over other solitaire players.

Now that you are aware of some of the best solitaire strategies, why not try them out on the Solitaire Gold app today? Download the app now and apply these strategies to take home big cash prizes. Happy gaming!

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