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4 Things That Make Solitaire an Amazing Game

Solitaire has become an immensely popular online card game across the world. Ever since people have been able to play free online solitaire games on their mobile phones, the number of players has increased exponentially. Modern apps such as Solitaire Gold have given a unique and new-age appeal to this beloved classic game. The multiplayer format and introduction of leagues are some of the reasons why solitaire is one of the fastest-growing card games in the country. If you are wondering what makes solitaire one of the most popular online games, here are the top 4 reasons for its massive popularity. 

Solitaire is a skill game

Solitaire is a dynamic game where you are presented with a range of possibilities at every turn. At one moment, you may feel like you are losing, but with just one move, you can turn the game around. This signifies that no stroke of luck can make you win. You have to use your skills and the opportunities in front of you to finish the game and win. 

Solitaire Gold lets you play unlimited practice games for free. So you can polish your skills and use them to win cash head-to-head contests and leagues. Since solitaire is a skill game, you will be able to get better with each game, and playing regularly will increase your chances of winning too. 

You get the opportunity to compete with real players

Traditionally, solitaire used to be a single-player game. But now that you have the option to play solitaire online, you can compete with other players to sharpen and showcase your skills. You can play with players from across the country anywhere, anytime. The games are played in real time and all the players participating in a game get dealt the exact same cards. This way, everyone has an equal chance of winning. 

The game utilizes your decision-making capabilities 

Being a skill game, solitaire requires players to utilize their skills and expertise to win. Quick decision making is one such skill that is essential. Regardless of whether you play head-to-head contests or leagues, being able to strategize and finish the game within a given time frame is necessary to win. 

The game of solitaire is fast-paced, and you are required to arrange your cards quickly. This means you have to analyze your options and make the best moves in the least amount of time possible. You have to stay focused throughout the game to make the right moves. When you engage your mind in the game and analyze the situation, you are training your brain to stay focused and improving your decision-making skills at the same time. 

You can enjoy cash rewards and bonuses

Solitaire Gold is the only major platform that gives you an opportunity to win cash prizes for defeating your opponents. So not only does the game allow you to display your skills and knowledge but also rewards you with real cash prizes.

Moreover, the platform also offers exciting bonuses and offers to its users. For registering on the app and making your first deposit, you get a guaranteed welcome bonus up to ₹1500. That’s not all! You can avail a referral bonus of ₹500 each time you successfully invite a friend to play on the platform. All these offers can be availed to join more cash contests and leagues.


Every day, more and more players are downloading apps to play free online solitaire games. If you want to indulge in your favorite childhood game and get a chance to win prizes too, download the Solitaire Gold app and start playing today! Happy gaming!

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