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5 Fun Facts About Playing Cards

Playing cards have been a great source of entertainment since time immemorial and there are thousands of card games that are played by people of all ages and demographics across the globe. You can also play solitaire and many other popular card games online now. 

There are many fun facts about playing cards that you probably don’t not know. Today let’s take a look at some of them.

Playing cards are believed to be over 1,500 years old 

Playing cards have been popular for many generations. They have an ancient history that dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Romans. Playing cards are over 1,500 years old and were known to be played popularly in Egypt and many other ancient civilizations in Mesopotamia and China. A lot of historians credit the invention of playing cards to ancient Chinese mathematicians belonging to the Tang dynasty.

Playing cards are believed to symbolize the calendar year

It is believed that the four suits in a deck of cards represent the four seasons of the year. It is also believed that the 52 cards in a deck represent the 52 weeks of the calendar year. It is also said that the 13 cards in each suit represent the 13 weeks in each season. The 12 royals in the deck are said to represent the 12 months that complete a calendar year.

In some cultures, it is also believed that the four suits represent the four natural elements of this planet, which are fire, water, air and earth. In some other ancient cultures, the four suits represent four pillars of the economy, namely the church, the military, the agriculture and the merchant class.

Popular card games can be played online for cash prizes

Did you know that it is possible to play many popular card games online for real money? With the help of a basic smartphone and a stable internet connection, you can play classic games like solitaire online. You can play solitaire games online for real money on Solitaire Gold, the only major and legally certified solitaire app that lets you play solitaire for real money, and win cash prizes. 

You can simply go for a solitaire game download on your mobile phone to be a part of this ever-growing community of solitaire lovers from across the country and enjoy the game anytime, anywhere.

Playing cards were used in the military

During the Second World War, the USA worked closely with playing card companies to provide their soldiers captured in Japanese prisons a customized card deck, which contained snippets of maps and instructions to escape the prisons. When these cards came in contact with water, they could be simply peeled off to reveal the maps and the information underneath.

Shuffling a card deck to be in a desired order could take over millions of years 

Shuffling playing cards has become a trusted technique to randomize their arrangement while performing card tricks because of the unimaginably large number of ways in which cards can be arranged as a result of shuffling. To put it in figures, it would be precisely:


That’s 8 followed by 67 digits! This means that shuffling a deck of cards in a desired order could take millions of years to happen. So the next time you shuffle a deck of cards, remember that you will never see the cards shuffled in that exact same order ever again in your life!

So those were some of the interesting facts about the magic of playing cards. 

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