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5 Things You Must Know About Online Solitaire

The game of solitaire originated back in the 18th century and since then, it has evolved drastically over the years. Traditionally, the game required a standard card deck to be played. However, with the advancement of science and technology, the game became available online. Now all you require is a solitaire card game app installed on your smartphone to enjoy the game. Indeed, the digital revolution has ensured that card games continue to remain a major source of entertainment. 

Now that the industry is booming like never before, even those who cannot afford to carry a physical card deck around all the time can simply play solitaire online. With a long history steeped in tradition, the computer age has infused card games with new dimensions and possibilities. Solitaire is one such game that has recently emerged as an interesting attraction. Here are 5 things that you must know about the fascinating card game:

Origin of the name

The word “solitaire” has a French origin and means “a solitary person” or “recluse.” The term is now often used to refer to any game that is played by a single player. However, solitaire was originally called “patience” in England, Poland and Germany, often regarded as “an exercise in patience.”  In Scandinavian countries, the game is popularly known as “cabale.” 


It is absolutely legal to play online solitaire for real money as it is a skill game.  Games like solitaire require players to utilize their decision-making skills and analytical thinking to win. The apex court ruled that playing skill games for real money is a business activity. The activity of playing a game of skill with cash is protected under Article 19[1](g) of the Constitution of India. Furthermore, income tax is levied on winnings of over ₹10,000 won in a single game.


Solitaire comes in various formats but on Solitaire Gold, the game can be primarily played in two formats: head-to-head and leagues.

In the head-to-head format, you get an opportunity to play one-on-one with a player from anywhere across the country. You may have only played this classic game solo till now, but Solitaire Gold gives you the chance to play it with some of the most skilled solitaire players and polish your skills. 

In the league format, the challenge is enhanced as you have multiple players to play against. You can participate in leagues/tournaments that are hosted 24×7 on Solitaire Gold. You get a chance to play with some of the most skilled players from across the country and win cash prizes too. Leagues offer you the right opportunity to refine your skills by playing with a diversified crowd. 

Online transactions

Whenever you play solitaire online on a trusted platform like Solitaire Gold, the platform takes good care of your transactions. Every transaction is 100% secure and there are multiple payment gateways available for your payment. All sensitive information is encrypted to prevent any information leakage. Each user’s account is secured with a password to which he/she has exclusive access. A KYC verification is done for every player before they withdraw any cash winnings.

Safety and security

If you play solitaire on Solitaire Gold, the platform’s encryption system ensures that all the information shared by players remains fully confidential. A safe security system helps avoid any data tampering or leakage. The platform’s unique algorithm also keeps a regular check on player activities to detect and prevent any cheating, collusion and other suspicious activities, making the game of online solitaire completely fair for everyone. 

Those were a few things we thought you should know about online solitaire. If you are keen on showcasing your solitaire skills at the tables and winning some big cash prizes, try playing solitaire online today!

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