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A Weekend Date with Yourself

Are you having one of those lazy weekends where you do not feel like doing anything but sitting idle seems like a waste of a day to you? Don’t worry; we have some suggestions that will not only get you through the weekend but also help you enjoy it.

Binge your favorite show

Sundays are known for people having breakfast in bed while something is constantly playing on their laptop or television. Sometimes just for the sake of background noise! But have you ever had those days when you’re trying to squeeze out even 15-20 minutes of your time to catch up on a show everyone around you is watching? We have all been there! Your first step to enjoy your weekend is to stay in bed all day and complete all those episodes you left halfway. Order or cook good food, take a blanket, get cozy in bed, and just binge. That’s the way to spend the weekend, isn’t it?

Play games online

Gone are the days when gaming needed a group of friends who’d meet at a place, have mellow music playing in the background, order snacks and then shuffle a deck of cards to start showing their skills. Gaming is now super easy and you can play games on your smartphone to have quality entertainment. All you need is a device that supports your favorite game. Traditional games like rummy and solitaire have entered the digital world. You can play solitaire online on your smartphone. So what’re you waiting for? Start playing!

Bring out the chef in you

Cooking might be a hobby for some and therapy for others. But with the easy availability of the internet and top chefs posting their signature recipes online, it sure is a source of motivation. It is worthwhile when someone appreciates your efforts and enjoys the meal. Look up your favorite dish and let the chef in you come out!

Shop online

Dressing up and going to the mall just to buy a couple of things is a real task. Nobody would deny that. But the ease of getting everything on your doorstep in just a click is a chance you should not miss. Whoever told you that there is something called too much shopping definitely did not know the joy it brings to the heart and the soul. Either get off the bed, hit the streets, and buy the apparels that you always wanted but did not have time to go buy, or download an app and get your favorites at the click of the button. Get going with this retail therapy!

Stop procrastinating, start cleaning

Everybody has that one shelf that is overloaded with stuff that is not needed on a  daily basis. But the cleaning of that shelf is a task. Try to tick it off your to-do list this weekend. Grab a cloth, block some time, turn on mellow music, and get to work. What if you find something you thought you had lost? It would be a gift to you, from you. It would also bring back sweet old memories!

Enough ideas to enjoy your two-day vacation? Who said you have to get out of bed to have fun?

For more such self-date ideas, do not forget to connect with us! Until then, keep playing and keep winning!

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