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Advantages of Playing Solitaire Online

Playing cards started becoming popular only after their arrival in Western Europe six centuries ago. However, solitaire started leaving a lasting mark only some two hundred years ago. Soon after its introduction in Windows in the 1990s, everything changed. Solitaire became one of the most popular card games. The digital version of solitaire received great love from a huge number of card game enthusiasts around the globe.

Fuelled by the success of the solitaire card game online, game developers started working on different versions of the game. A very recent addition to the list is the online card gaming app, Solitaire Gold. While it is definitely more advanced and superior than the desktop version, this gaming app has some other perks too. You can learn about the benefits of playing on the Solitaire Gold app in our previous blog post. In brief, here are the top 3 advantages of playing solitaire online:

#1 Eliminates the hassles of handling cards

Card games are great fun, but there can be a lot of practical challenges associated with them. If you choose to play card games in the real world, you need a physical deck of cards and a table big enough to make the handling of cards easy and smooth. It is also quite a hassle to deal cards. In the online versions of the game, this process happens simply with the click of a button. In real-world solitaire games, it is a big task to move large stacks of cards from one place to another, all the while being careful about keeping the cards in order. All these troubles can be easily avoided by simply downloading an online solitaire game app onto your phone.

#2 Makes the game a lot easier to learn

You must have witnessed a lot of arguments and disagreements while playing a game of solitaire in the real world as there is often confusion over rules. One of the advantages of playing online solitaire games is standardized rules. Every player follows the same rules and is given an equal opportunity to win. If you’re not aware about online solitaire rules, here’s a quick guide. If you wish to play to understand how the rules work, start with practice games. They help you to learn the practical application of the rules.

#3 Tracks your performance and statistics

Everyone loves to keep track of things. However, keeping track of your gaming performance manually can be quite tedious. Online gaming apps like Solitaire Gold give you all the necessary information about your past games and performance in them. You will be fascinated to see how many games you have won or competed in. As Solitaire Gold has a multiplayer mode, you can also compare your performance with that of your opponents. That will help you understand the scope of improvement in your game.

We hope these great advantages will convince you to switch to the online version of solitaire. Soon we will come up with another, more detailed post to help you understand the perks of playing solitaire online. Until then, happy gaming!

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