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Common Card Game Myths You Need to Know About

The popularity of card games has increased over the last few years, especially since their introduction in the online space. Now you can indulge in a solitaire game play online on your mobile phone anytime, anywhere without any hassle. However, with the rise in the games’ popularity, many myths and misconceptions about playing card games have also cropped up.   These myths are all rumors that have no scientific or logical explanation. Nevertheless, some people still fall prey to such myths and biases and end up avoiding card games altogether. 

So what are some infamous myths that surround card games? Read on as we break them down for you.

Myth #1: Success in card games is only based on luck

This is always said by someone who has had a bad experience with a game. However, there is very little truth to that. Most card games require a well-planned strategy and a lot of moves that need to be decided beforehand. Playing a card game, both online or offline, requires you to concentrate on your moves, anticipate your opponents’ moves and simply plan your process in advance in order to ace it. If you can make the most of the cards you are dealt, luck has very little role to play in the outcome of the game. 

Myth #2: Playing card games online can make you anti-social 

There is no proof that online card games have any impact on your personality or sociability. In fact, the game of solitaire on Solitaire Gold allows you to compete with real players from across the country and allows you to win some great cash prizes. So playing card games online allows you to play and connect with people from different places every day. 

Myth #3: Card games are addictive 

Addiction is highly subjective in nature and can be vaguely associated with a lot of things. While there may be some truth to players getting addicted to gaming, the point to be noted here is that it has nothing to do with the game. Every person’s experience varies from that of another person, and there are no clear studies to prove that the nature of card games is addictive. Card games are meant only for entertainment purposes. So if you ever find yourself on the verge of getting addicted to a game, let alone a card game, you need to take a step back and re-evaluate. 

Myth #4: Card games can be played only on high-end smartphones 

Card games can be played on almost any smartphone with a stable internet connection. Today almost everything a computer can do, a phone can too. If you own a smartphone and have a stable internet connection, you can play card games online at the time and place of your desire. 

Those were some of the most common myths we have heard surrounding card games. We hope this blog post helps in removing some apprehensions you may have regarding card games. If you come across any more of such myths, try to keep an open mind and experience the game before you make a decision. If you wish to play card games online, you should try playing on Solitaire Gold. This platform offers both free and cash games as well as leagues, where you can win real cash prizes. Go for a solitaire game download right now to begin your journey in the world of online card games. Happy gaming!

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