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Debunking Superstitions About Card Games

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games of all time and one of Gen Z’s emerging favorites. It is a game where every move takes you either closer to or farther from victory. With the emergence of online solitaire, all you need to do is go for a solitaire game download to play the game anytime, anywhere. 

Given the game’s wide popularity, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding solitaire. In fact, not just solitaire, many card games have superstitions associated with them. It is widely believed that playing cards has had spiritual associations for centuries. It’s because of this that many rituals have found their way into the games. People often ignore the requirement of skill, shun logic and follow bizarre rituals, believing it will bring them luck. 

So what are some interesting superstitions about card games? Let’s find out. 

  1. Blaming the dealer for a bad set of cards

Card shuffling is one activity that is blamed whenever a player gets a bad set of cards or loses. The fact of the matter is that in online games cards are dealt absolutely randomly. Moreover, in solitaire game play online, both you and your opponent get exactly the same cards dealt in the same layout. Besides, Solitaire Gold uses trusted and certified software program to deal cards in an absolutely random way,

  1. Picking up and looking at one’s cards before the dealer has finished distributing them 

It is said that if you look at your cards before the distribution is over, other players are more likely to win. Since there is no scientific backing to this belief, it is likely only when your opponents can read your reaction to what you have in your hands. This is because they get the chance to view it independent of distraction, when they’re not busy examining their own cards 

  1. Playing or holding the cards with the left hand

The left hand has been associated with evil since time immemorial. The true reason behind this misconception lies in the origin of the word, “sinister.” The word was derived from a Latin word that had two meanings: “on the left side” and “unfavorable.”  And hence some people fall for the idea that handling one’s cards with this ill-favored hand attracts bad outcomes. 

  1. Reseating yourself for better luck

This common superstition says that you can spin bad luck to good by getting up, taking a walk around your chair or table, and then reseating yourself. Turning your chair around and sitting astride it is also said to drive away bad luck. The belief has its roots in the fact that you have to break contact with the unlucky seat. Players even slip their handkerchiefs between their bottom and the chair as a way to break contact with the ominous seat!

Superstitions have been around for centuries and it’s no surprise that they slipped into the world of card games too! However, you have to always remember that winning or losing in a card game like solitaire is always about your skill and strategy. If you have the necessary gaming skills and expertise in the game, factors like luck or chance have very little to no effect on the outcome of your game. 

If you are looking to play solitaire online on a trustworthy platform, you should try out Solitaire Gold. Here you can play the traditionally single-player game in a multiplayer mode and compete with real players from across the country. Not only that, you can utilize your card-gaming skills to win massive cash prizes by beating real players from across the country! So what are you waiting for? Download the Solitaire Gold app and get started on your solitaire journey now!  Happy gaming!

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