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Does It Take Skill or Luck to Win at Solitaire?

Many people, especially new players, wonder whether it takes skill or luck to win at solitaire. According to card game experts, winning a solitaire game involves a high level of skill and a good understanding of the game and you cannot depend on luck to win. 

Skill Game

So while it might take a bit of luck too to win some solitaire games, it’s predominantly a game of skill in which only your solitaire skills can make you a champion. If you have good skills, you will win much more consistently. You cannot go far with mere luck in the game. It is important that you follow the solitaire rules at every stage and make smart moves to win, avoiding unnecessary shuffling.

Yes, skills are essential if you want to win solitaire games because you can push your luck only for a limited time. The following strategies can help you up your game:

Tips to WinDraw a card from the deck on your first move. Well, you are aware that you have to put all the cards of all four suits in the foundations. However, cards can be stacked together in a column only if they are of a lesser rank and different color. By getting one more card at the start of the game, you can increase your chances of finding favorable cards.

The second tip is to get the twos and the aces out of your way as soon as possible. These two cards will not help you reveal more hidden cards and will in fact weigh you down and affect the flow of your game. Simply send them off to the foundation as soon as you get them.

Another way of improving your chances of winning a solitaire card game online is not to leave an empty space if you don’t have a king to put there. We all know only kings can be the first card on an empty space. Don’t have one? That space is of no use. Experts say you should not clear a space simply because you can. Wait until you get hold of a king.

Play the kings with extreme care. Think a few moves ahead and use the king that can help reveal more cards as you go ahead.

Choose columns with huge stacks while targeting hidden cards. The faster you explore these columns of hidden cards, the better are your chances of finding the cards you need to solve the game.

Focus on the colour while filling a space. Choosing a red or black king to fill an empty space is crucial as it can dictate a particular pile’s colour order. Carefully consider the queen and the jack you are holding before you fill that empty spot and choose the right one to ensure smooth and quick stacking as you go ahead.

Many players love to shuffle cards from one pile to another in search of a suitable card. You might not be aware that you are locking valuable cards of different colours below the lower cards. By doing so, you deny yourself the chance to win. The right way to play the game is to move cards only when there are clear and visible benefits. Moving cards just because you can will not help you get closer to victory.

So it always boils down to making the most of the skills you have got. With some practice, you will be able to work out a strategy to strengthen your position in the game. Your experience and skills will help you stretch your winning streak. With every game, you must learn to make the best use of resources and optimize their application. After all, it’s a skill game.

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