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Everything You Need to Know About Solitaire

Traditional card games have always been a great way to spend time with one’s family and friends. However, when you have no company or want to spend time alone, games like solitaire have got your back. It is fun to play both online and offline. If someone were to ever ask you, how do you play solitaire for so long?, tell them that this game is one of a kind. It can keep you entertained and hooked for hours at a time. Being a skill-based game, solitaire can be both challenging and rewarding.

Today it is easier and more convenient to play solitaire. You don’t need to carry a deck of cards around. All you need is a smartphone, a stable internet connection and a good website/application to play solitaire online.  Simply go for a free solitaire download onto your smartphone to enjoy a plethora of solitaire card games. Read on to learn something new about this game before you dig into the game.

The Origin of Solitaire

If you are a 90s kid, it will not be surprising if you believe that solitaire came into existence when Microsoft integrated the game into their computers. If that’s what you believed, it’s time we burst your bubble. It is believed that the solitaire has been played with physical cards for over 200 years. While the origin of the game is obscure, the game gained popularity in France in the early 19th century. It is here that the alternate name patience appears to have originated. Some say that even Napoleon got carried away while playing solitaire and spent many, many hours playing the game at a stretch! There is no doubt that the integration of solitaire into Windows PCs was a catalyst in popularizing this game. When you play solitaire today, remember that you are enjoying a classic game that has been played for centuries.

Solitaire Variants

Solitaire has thousands of variants. The variants are so many that there is no specific number known. These variants are more alike than they seem. They follow a similar gaming pattern, which involves laying cards on a tableauwith an ultimate goal of moving them into the foundation pileby building suits in sequences from ace to king. This is solitaire in a nutshell. However, every solitaire variant has its own unique terminology and detailed rules.

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