Solitaire Gold

Facts You Didn’t Know About Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games. It is easy to play and has minimum requirements. The word solitaire has been derived from Latin and French and it means alone. Earlier only one player could play the game, with a standard 52-card deck, but with the advancement of technology, today the game can also be played in the multiplayer mode.

Before we stun you with some interesting facts about solitaire and the ultra-modern online Solitaire Gold app, you should be aware that Microsoft’s Solitaire PC game is now 28 years old. That’s right, about three decades old. Solitaire was available to play on Windows 3.0 OS as early as in 1989. Back in those days, it used to have a simple, solid green background along with changeable card design. Now with the innovation and development in technology, new online solitaire game apps like Solitaire Gold offer the multiple mode and provide a super entertaining, productive gaming experience.

A Game of Skill

The rules of solitaire online are as simple as that of classic solitaire. A lot of players mistake it for a game of luck while it is purely a game of skill. To win a game of solitaire, a player must have good cognitive thinking and analytical abilities. While playing, you must keep track of your moves and also build strategies. The game requires a lot of forward-thinking and analytical skills.

Advanced Features and Seamless Gameplay

The Solitaire Gold app has received an overwhelming response from card game lovers for its multiplayer feature and the real cash prizes it gives away. With a simple solitaire game download on your smartphone, you can compete with some of the most skilled players in the country. The app offers various cash rewards as well as promotions to make online gaming fruitful and entertaining for users.

Solitaire Leagues and Head-To-Head Competitions

Solitaire Gold offers multiple gaming options. You can join head-to-head contests where you compete with one player. The player who finishes the game in fewer moves and shorter time wins the game. If you like a tougher competition, go for solitaire leagues, where you compete with multiple players. Here the challenge is bigger but so are the rewards.

Now that you have plenty of options to play solitaire games online, we recommend you to invite your friends to join you on the platform. The Solitaire Gold app offers a referral bonus of ₹500* for every friend you successfully invite. Check out our Refer and Earn section to learn more. Happy gaming!

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