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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Accordion Solitaire

Accordion solitaire, also known as Methuselah, Tower of Babel or Idle Year, is an exciting card game that looks easy but is one of the most difficult games to win. The game has gathered immense popularity around the world. Even new users who have only recently learned how to play solitaire are completely hooked to the game. Read on to learn more about this unique variant of solitaire.

The objective

The main objective is to finish the game with a single pile of 52 cards, which might sound easy, but is anything so. The chances of winning is less than 1 in 1,000, making it one of the toughest games to crack. Consider it a relative success if you can reduce the number of piles to four or fewer in the initial attempts. However, don’t let the odds deter you from playing the game. This is a very fast game to play where you can abandon hands with no promise and move on to another without wasting time.

The rules

The cards will be spread out in a single line from the deck. Move the pile over the top of another pile instantly or move just 3 piles toward the left if the upper cards of every set have the same suit or rank. The gaps in between can be completed by shifting the set toward the left. Example: You can only place either 6 of spades or 5 of hearts over 5 of spades in the pile.

The gameplay

  • Shuffle the 52-card deck properly and turn the upper card in the deck to make it available for play. Place it to the left for starting the game.
  • Turn the next card. If it’s of the same suit as the first card, place the second card on top. Use the card to start a new pile, in case of no match.
  • Turn the third card and compare it with the second card. If the suits or ranks of the cards do not match, place the third card over the second card. The third card cannot be similar to the first card. If matching cards are 3 cards away, combine them as if the cards were adjacent. Therefore, you can build the fourth card on the first card.
  • Keep playing until the last card. You win if all the cards are assembled in one pile.

Example: There are 4 cards from left to right: 6 of hearts, jack of hearts, 9 of clubs and 9 of hearts. Place the 9 of hearts either on the 9 of clubs or 6 of hearts. You cannot put it over the jack of the same suit as it is not directly left or third from the left. If a set forms by moving one or more cards, move the entire set with the top card.

The variants

  • Royal Marriage: This is a variant of Accordion where the objective is to reduce the complete deck to king and queen of the same suit. These are placed either at the start or the end of the layout while beginning the game.
  • Accordion’s Revenge: This is a tougher version of the standard game. The purpose is to reduce the complete deck in a pile and a card chosen at the beginning of the game. These cards must be on top at the end of the game. 

The challenging aspect of the game makes it an attractive proposition for many new players every year. With the advent of technology, you can now play solitaire online on your mobile phone and compete with people around the world anytime, anywhere.

So try out this game today and keep playing until you end up having one pile of cards. Happy gaming!

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