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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Little Spider Solitaire

The demand for online gaming among the audience across the globe has made this industry generate more than $150 billion in revenue in the last year. This industry is continuing to grow and is estimated to hit the $200 billion-mark in the next three years. Thanks to online gaming, you can now play all classic board and card games from your childhood on your PC, tablet and mobile phone. The boom in skill-based online games has brought some of the most popular classic games like solitaire back on the radar.

Different, yet same

The changing trend has led to a higher demand for a newer solitaire variant called little spider solitaire. This game is another version of the solitaire card game, played with one standard deck, making it one of the simplest versions of solitaire.

Unlike the classic solitaire game, there can be different difficulty levels in this particular variant. So whether you want to play a simple game or you want to challenge yourself, the game allows you to choose between the basic (with one suit) and the advanced versions (with 2 or 4 suits). The feature of difficulty level in classic solitaire has made this game a rage among everyone.

The Objective

The objective of little spider is to build the two left foundation piles up in alternate colors from ace to king and to build the two right ones down in alternate colors from king to ace.

The Gameplay

The game play consists of two parts. In the beginning, 8 cards are dealt into two rows of 4 cards each, with some space left in the middle for the four foundation piles.

During the first part, two of the foundation piles need to be arranged according to suit from ace to king. The other two start with kings and build down in suit to aces. Both ace piles must be of the same color and both king piles must be of the alternate color. Cards from the upper row can be placed on any of the foundation piles, while cards from the lower row can only be placed on the foundation piles directly on top of it. Once all the possible plays are made, 8 new cards are dealt from the stockpile, one onto each of the columns, regardless of whether they are empty or not. Once the entire stockpile is dealt, the second part of game play begins.

In the second part of the game, cards from both the tableau columns can be placed onto the foundation piles as well as in the tableau columns around the both rows, building either up or down regardless of suit. Building is also continuous as a king can be placed over an ace and vice versa. The game is won when all cards make their way onto the foundation piles.

Winning Tips

  • Arrange the tableau columns by suit: Try to arrange the tableau columns by suit, and try to get them in proper ascending or descending order. For example, if two of the foundation piles start with the kings of spades and clubs, try to arrange black cards in the tableau columns so that they are in order from the low-ranking cards at the bottom to the high-ranking cards on the top, or vice versa.


Solitaire card games have become quite popular in recent times due to the advent of mobile technology. Given the popularity of the game, several online solitaire platforms now allow players to play solitaire for real money. These apps allow you to connect with players across the country anytime, anywhere. So what are you waiting for? Download the solitaire app today and play to relive your childhood.

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