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Here’s Everything You Need to Know about Mahjong Solitaire

Mahjong solitaire, also called Shanghai solitaire, is a one-player online game played with a set of mahjong tiles instead of cards. The game is quite popular as it can be learned quickly and it thoroughly tests a player’s strategic skills. Online solitaire platforms now also offer the option of a multiplayer mode for players to play with participants from across the country.

While the game originated in China, it is currently playing in every nook and corner of the world. To play solitaire game online, let us first understand the objective of the mahjong and its rules.

The objective

The main objective is to get a mahjong, which means getting all 14 tiles into four sets and one pair. A pair is two similar tiles, and a set can be a pung with three similar tiles or a chow, which is a track of three consecutive numbers of the same suit. You cannot use a single tile in two sets at once.

The rules

All the tiles need to be removed from the board by matching them in pairs to win the game. You can only match tiles with similar symbols and drawings that are available to play with no tiles over them. Once paired, the tiles are removed from the board, exposing the tiles underneath and making them available to be matched.

The gameplay

  • There are 144 tiles arranged in a 4-layer pattern, facing upward. A tile needs to be opened or revealed to see if it can be shifted to right or left without disturbing the other tiles. 
  • Entire tiles should be removed from the board, and the players should eliminate identical tiles. There will be 72 paired tiles, and the player needs to remove all these pairs. 
  • The tiles are made up of characters, bamboo, dragons, circles, winds, seasons and flowers. The tiles to be matched should be likewise, with the exception being flowers and seasons.
  • The combination of season and flowers will be considered a pair if matched according to suit and if there is only one of each tile available.
  • Reshuffle the tiles if you run out of tile pairs that need to be removed from the board. You get only five chances for shuffling the tiles in a game. 
  • Once the mah-jong board is clear, you will go to the next level, which has a different layout. The game is lost if the player exhausts all the reshuffling opportunities and there are no paired tiles left on the board.

The features

Various online providers allow players to go for a solitaire game free download, with the following features:

  • Tile shuffling
  • Change the tileset and patterns from traditional tiles to jewels, flowers or other anything easy to match up a fleet
  • Play a series of different layouts with various difficulty levels (given Chinese-sounding names like the snake or the ox)
  • Add wildcard tiles and other tiles with special features

If played with multiple players, the objective of the game is to collect the most number of pairs or get the highest points. Points are given on the basis of each pair removed from the board, with additional points generated for eliminating matched pairs in sequence or the ones that are part of sets. Most points can be accumulated by pairing more season tiles, followed by flower tiles. Participants can put a time limit to make the game challenging while playing online. 

Download the mah-jong solitaire game today and test your strategic skills by capturing all the pairs without breaking a sweat. Happy gaming!

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