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Here’s Everything You Want to Know about Klondike Solitaire

Klondike is an original card game and also the most popular version of solitaire. This was the game chosen by Microsoft to be part of Windows 3.0 when it was released in 1990. While the integration was a part of a well-designed strategy to help people use the mouse correctly, its probable unintended effect was that a lot of users got hooked to the game. Klondike solitaire is a relaxing game that keeps people entertained due to its inherent theme that drives engagement and interest. 

What is the game’s objective? 

According to the solitaire rules, players are required to move all the cards to the group of foundation cells present at the top right of their screen. Each pile must begin with an ace, and other cards follow in an ascending numerical order on top of the relevant foundation pile. For example, an ace of hearts will have 2 of hearts as the next card, followed by 3 of hearts and so on. 

How to play klondike solitaire? 

You need a standard deck of 52 cards. The tableau has 7 piles. The first pile receives a single card, the second pile receives two cards, and so on. While the top card in each pile remains face-up, the rest of the cards must remain face-down in the stock. At the beginning of the game, the waste and foundation piles will remain empty. 

What are the rules of klondike solitaire?  

  • Once the cards are dealt, you will have 22 cards remaining. You can turn them over in groups of three for a more challenging and exciting game, or individually if you prefer playing an easy and relaxing game.  
  • You can turn over the card onto the previous cards, allowing you to move a card to the layout or the foundation. For an easier game, you can pass through the rest of the deck many times. Do it once if you are ready for a more challenging game. Most players playing solitaire online prefer turning over groups of three cards while passing through the deck multiple times. 
  • You can move a card to another column in the layout if the top card in that column has a lower value and is of an alternate color. For example, a black 5 can move onto a red 6. 
  • You can move a group of cards between the columns of cards in the layout. However, you need to place them in the descending numerical order, and the colors must be alternating too. 
  • You can only place a king or a group of cards starting with a king in an empty cell in the layout. 
  • Make sure that the face-down cards are turned as soon as they are free to get the flow of the game right. 
  • To reveal more cards, you must turn over the deck located at the top left. 
  • Keep playing until you cannot play any more moves. You win the game when you move all the cards to foundations. 

What are the types of klondike solitaire? 

There are 4 types of klondike solitaire:  

  • Double Solitaire: In this variant, you have to compete with the computer and aim to complete a deal as quickly as possible to emerge on the top.  
  • FreeCell: This variation of klondike follows the same classic rules but comes with four free cells. 
  • Wild West Solitaire: This game follows the same rules as klondike. However, there is one key difference. You can place any card in an empty column, not just the king. 
  • Agnes 2: The layout is similar to the klondike layout, but the cards in the tableau are placed face-up. 

Klondike solitaire is just the kind of online card game you need to refresh your mind and keep yourself entertained. Now that you know more about solitaire, don’t miss out on this fun game. Get a solitaire game free download on your smartphone and enjoy playing. Happy gaming!

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