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Here’s Everything You Want to Know about Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion solitaire is an exciting variation of the classic solitaire card game. It is similar to spider solitaire, but is played like Yukon solitaire. You can play this variant of the solitaire game online and win real money by using your knowledge of the game and gaming skills. Read on to learn more about this unique variant of solitaire.

The Objective
The objective of scorpion solitaire is to arrange all the cards on the tableau into four sets of suits, each of them comprising 13 cards, in a descending order from king to ace. Once the sequence is complete, the stack is automatically removed from play and sent to the foundation. 

The Gameplay

The game begins with 7 cards being distributed in seven tableau columns. In the first four stacks, the first 3 cards are placed face down and the remaining cards are placed face up. In total, the tableau consists of 49 cards, distributed between seven columns with 12 cards placed face down. The remaining 3 cards are kept face down in the stockpile.

In scorpion solitaire, you can move multiple face up cards from one column to another even if the group is not in sequence, only as long as the first card you are moving forms a descending sequence with the card it is moved onto. For example, a 7 could have a jack and a 9 on it. This group could be moved onto an 8. The empty spaces in the tableau columns can only be filled by a king or a stack of cards headed by a king. If the play gets blocked, distribute the 3 cards from the stockpile to the first three columns to open more opportunities.

In scorpion solitaire, there are no foundation piles. The complete structuring takes place in the tableau without moving cards up to the foundation. The key here is to uncover the face-down cards. Once they are all faced up and visible, you can access them and open more opportunities in the game.

The Rules

  • Only one card may be moved at a time.  However, if there are cards on top of the source card, they all can be moved only as long as the first card you are moving forms a descending sequence with the card it is moved onto.
  • A column is empty when all cards have been moved from it. Since the king has no card next-in-rank, it can’t be moved onto another card, so it must be moved into a vacant column. Only kings can occupy empty spaces.
  • The stockpile is placed at the upper-left corner, where 3 reserved cards are present. These can be used at any time during the game. When required, the player has to click on the stock, leading to the reserved cards being placed face-up onto the tableau, one into each of the first three columns.

The Variants

  • Klondike solitaire: This is one of the most popular variants of solitaire. Klondike was the version that was integrated in Windows desktops in 1990, which led to the massive popularity of solitaire games.
  • Spider solitaire: This is another popular version of solitaire that was integrated in Windows desktops. There are different levels of spider that keep getting difficult as the number of suits and decks in the game increase.

The solitaire game hits everyone with a feeling of nostalgia for simpler times. To revive your memories, you can always play the game online and put your skills to test. Right from tablets to smartphones, you can play games such as scorpion solitaire for real money and relive your childhood days. It is easy to play but difficult to win, so it’s ideal for those players who like a challenge.

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