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Here’s Everything You Want to Know about Yukon Solitaire

Yukon solitaire is one the most popular and exciting variants of solitaire. It is very similar to Klondike solitaire. However, there are some variations in the gameplay and the rules. You need excellent visualization skills and an unwavering concentration to win a game of Yukon solitaire. You must also plan the moves and sequences in your mind, and that’s why visualization skills are vital for Yukon solitaire players. 

The objective of the game

The objective in a game of Yukon is to move all the cards from the tableau onto the four foundation piles. The foundations are ordered by suit and rank, and you must put the cards onto them in ascending order starting from the ace to king.

How to play yukon right

In Yukon solitaire, you can move multiple face up cards from one column to another even if the group is not in sequence, only as long as the first card you are moving forms a descending sequence and is an alternate color of the card it is moved onto. For example, a black 5 could have a jack and a 7 on it. This group could be moved to a red 6. As you have to deal all the cards from the deck when the game begins, there is no card left behind and hence no stock to deal from.

The variations of yukon

Yukon solitaire has some exciting variations. These include: 

  • Russian Solitaire: An interesting variation that involves the same suit building
  • Alaska Solitaire: The ranks within a pile are built either in ascending or descending order
  • Double Yukon: An exciting version involving two card decks
  • Triple Yukon: A 3-deck version of Yukon
  • Quadruple Yukon: A 4-deck version of Yukon

The rules of yukon

The game begins when all the cards of a standard deck are dealt onto the tableau.

  • Of the 52 cards, you keep 31 cards face-up. The distribution is one into the column on the extreme left and 5 cards into each of the six remaining columns. You will not see the remaining 21 hidden cards.
  • You can move one card at a time. However, as other cards on the top of the card are taken off, they are all considered moved technically.
  • You must move the king, but if that is not possible, the source card must be moved to a target card placed in the pile at the extreme bottom. The card must be of the opposite color and rank next to the source card.
  • When you move a card placed on the top of a hidden card, the hidden card is turned face up and comes into play.
  • The king being the topmost card, has no card in the next rank, and hence, it is not possible to move it to another pile. The king can only move into a vacant column.
  • The king is the only card that can move into an empty column.
  • You can move only one card onto the foundation piles at a time.

Winning tips for yukon

Wondering about how to win solitaire? Always remember that strategic thinking is important if you want to improve your chances of winning in Yukon solitaire. Following are some tips that you should incorporate in your game to win:

  • Get all the cards to face upward as soon as possible.
  • Move all the aces and deuces to the foundations at the earliest.
  • Do not empty tableau spots if you do not have a king

Yukon solitaire is an exciting game that is easy to play as the rules of this solitaire variant are less stringent than those associated with Klondike solitaire. Players with good experience playing Yukon solitaire and those who are aware of the rules of the game have a better chance of pulling off wins consistently.

So what are you waiting for? Go for a solitaire game download on your mobile phone and start your journey in the world of solitaire today.

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