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Here’s How You Can Sharpen Your Solitaire Game Skills!

If there is one card game that nearly everyone across the world is aware of and loves to play, it’s solitaire. No matter where you live or what you do, you must have played the game at least once in your life. While some of us have grown up playing it on the computer, the others may have played it using a physical card deck.

Nowadays you can simply download an app for anything and everything, and solitaire is no exception to that. If you ever feel like taking a short break from your routine, go for a solitaire game download on your mobile phone and you’ll be all set. The best way to become an expert at the game is to upskill yourself in every aspect of the game. In this article, you will learn exactly how to do that. 

Observation is key 

If you are a beginner, ensure that you learn the game well before you start playing games for stakes. Go through the tutorials thoroughly and try to understand everything well. On our app, you can go through detailed game guides and rules to know the nitty-gritties of it all. Once you do that, start playing practice games and apply that knowledge to your strategies because unlike the popular opinion surrounding card games, they require a lot more planning and strategizing than what meets the eye. In the replay mode, you can observe your opponent’s moves as well as yours and see what you could have done better. 

Think ahead to fill the spots 

Everyone has at some point in time reached a dead-end in solitaire where they have an extra card but no empty spot to add it to. That happens when you don’t think ahead in time about how you want to line up your cards. For instance, if you get a king in the stockpile, always check its color and then place it in the empty tableau columns. If you already have a column with a red king and the card you revealed from the stockpile is also a red king, hold it off until you can uncover a black king to keep the tableau columns balanced. 

Take your time to build the stack 

Another mistake that most people make is that they rush to fill the foundation piles with the assumption that the faster they do so, the easier and quicker it is to win. However, that may not always work out. When you add more cards to the foundation pile, you might reduce your chances of completing the foundation pile. So when you are missing a particular card to build your pile, you will have to scurry and rearrange the entire game just for that one card, wasting more time than otherwise you would. The key here is to take a moment and observe the board to see how else you can utilize a card and maybe even let it be until you are absolutely sure you can use it. Patience is a virtue that will definitely help you in a game like solitaire. 

While these are just a few examples of how to win solitaire games, there are a lot more things that can help you. If you keep yourself focused and learn from your own moves, there is nothing complex about this game. 

So download the Solitaire Gold app now and brush up on your solitaire skills! Happy gaming!

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