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How to Become an Expert Player of Klondike Solitaire

Klondike is one of the most common versions of solitaire that most people around the globe have played at least once in their lives. From a game played on the PC to the solitaire game online, the game has evolved tremendously over the years and come a long way. If you are someone who likes to take things to the next level and explore opportunities, playing solitaire on Solitaire Gold is the way to go! Here you have a chance to win exciting cash prizes while keeping yourself entertained. 

So what is it that you can do to ace any game of klondike solitaire? 

Go through the stockpile first

Once cards have been dealt, you should always go through the stockpile first to see whether there are any cards in there that can help you start your pile on the tableau. Once you do that, you can then plan your moves to ensure that you win the game as quickly and certainly as possible. 

Start with the longest tableau column

Many times, nearly all the cards that you may need to win the game are all hidden away in the longest column of cards on the tableau. Keep that in mind, especially when you play solitaire for real money, you need to be a little more careful than usual. If you start with uncovering cards from the longest column, you have a better chance of using all the cards dealt rather than getting stuck halfway and being forced to quit. 

Do not empty a column if you have no king to move there

You must be aware that only a king can be the first card in an empty tableau column spot. If you don’t have a king that can fill the empty spot, it is highly recommended that you do not remove all the cards from that slot because that space will otherwise remain empty, as only kings can fill empty spaces. Many players make the mistake of emptying spots without having a king in hand. This simply blocks an entire column until you get lucky enough to get a king among your other cards.

Practice makes perfect 

If there is one way to become an expert at anything, it is through practice. It applies to anything and everything, including a strategic game like klondike solitaire. The more you play, the more you figure out the game. Although there are a lot of ways to strategically play the game, it all depends on what you can make out of the kind of cards you are dealt. With a lot of practice, you can build your own strategies and ace any game, regardless of the kind of cards you are dealt. 

You can use all the tips mentioned above to your benefit to become an expert at solitaire. Solitaire games have been around for centuries, and thanks to digitalization, you can revisit your childhood and take the game on as a challenge with a simple tap of your fingers. Download the Solitaire Gold game app now and begin your journey in the exciting world of solitaire. Happy gaming!

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