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How to Become an Expert Solitaire Player?

Playing solitaire card games is one of the best forms of productive entertainment. If you are new to the game, all you need to do is learn the basic concepts of solitaire, understand the game rules well and play some free practice games. Once you gain confidence, you can play solitaire for real money and win cash prizes by utilizing your skills and knowledge of the game. Read on to learn how to transform from a novice player to an expert solitaire player. 

1. Learn the basic concepts and terms

Before you start playing a game, it’s important for you to get acquainted with the technical terms and terminology. Only when you gain knowledge about the basics will you become an expert solitaire player. You need to know the meanings of terms like “tableau,” “foundation,” “stock,” “waste pile,” and “stack,” to name a few. If you’re unaware about the meaning of these terms, don’t worry! You can refer to our go-to solitaire dictionary and understand what these terms stand for.

2. Understand the objective of the game well

Different solitaire variants have different objectives. For instance, in tripeaks, the objective is to transfer all the cards from the tableau columns to the waste pile. In pyramid solitaire, you need to remove all the cards from the pyramid by pairing those that make a total of 13. In both freecell and klondike, the aim is to arrange an ascending sequence of cards according to suit on the foundation piles. You should align your game strategy according to the respective goal of a particular game variant.

3. Apply advanced tricks 

Once you are comfortable with the basic terminology and rules of solitaire, you can use advanced tricks to take your game to the next level. Here are some of the tips you can easily use:

  • Turn up the first deck card as your first move.
  • Put the aces and the deuces to the foundation piles as soon as you can.
  • Don’t create a blank space if you don’t have a king to fill it. 
  • Uncover larger tableau columns first that have the most hidden cards. 
  • Move cards only when there is a good reason to do so or if it helps in revealing a hidden card.

4. Keep expanding your knowledge

There is a lot of information available online that can increase your knowledge of solitaire. Be it watching video tutorials or reading blog posts, you can keep updating your knowledge through the various sources available online.  

5. Practice as much as you can

There is no substitute for the good old saying practice makes perfect. If you want to become an expert solitaire player, you will have to work on your skills regularly. Only when you start playing regularly will you be able to master the game and win most of the time. 

Start playing the solitaire game online now to start your journey to become an expert player. Start with practice games to sharpen your skills. Once you have developed skills, you can start playing cash games and leagues and win big cash prizes. 

Now that you are aware of all the steps that can make you an expert solitaire player, what are you waiting for? Download the Solitaire Gold app today and start winning cash. Happy winning! 

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