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How to Finish Solitaire Games in the Fewest Moves

Solitaire has been played around the world by millions since time immemorial. Despite being an old game, it’s not only popular today, but is all the rage in the world of online card game. For a lot of us, learning how to play solitaire was a cakewalk. This is because it’s one of the simplest card games to play. Despite being easy to learn, solitaire takes practice, skill, focus, and agility to master. 

While you’re on your journey to master the game, here are some solitaire tips that can help you finish a solitaire game in the fewest moves possible:

  1.  Always begin with the stockpile

When you start a game of solitaire, your first move should be to flip the top stockpile cards. This move can increase the number of options you have, and you can probably even find a move that could speed up the game by a great deal. It’s important to be creative and look for such moves that can help you finish the game quickly.

  1. Use the biggest tableau pile first

Solitaire highly relies on the mathematical concept of probability. This is what makes solitaire a great mental exercise. So playing cards in the biggest card pile in the tableau first can sometimes be a game changer in a solitaire game online. The cards that you may need to win the game could be hidden in the biggest tableau pile, and playing these cards first increases your chances of finishing the game in the least number of moves.

  1. Move aces and twos to foundation piles as soon as possible

This is the most important move to make in solitaire. Aces and twos are best moved to the foundation piles as soon as they are found as these cards weigh you down rather than being an advantage. You cannot put any cards under them while moving cards around in the tableau, and these cards could render an entire column useless. This is a situation you do not want to put yourself in if you wish to ace a game of solitaire.

  1. Do not empty a column until you have a king to move there

It might seem efficient to empty a column as soon as possible, but it could make you regret later. When you empty a column, make sure that you have a king available to move there. This is because you cannot fill an empty space in a tableau column with any card other than a king and emptying a column would mean having one less column in the tableau to use. That would limit the movement of your cards around the tableau to a great extent.

Always keep these tips in mind to finish a game of solitaire in the minimum moves. With practice, you can make these points a part of your regular game strategy and play solitaire like an expert. You can also win real cash by showcasing your skills on Solitaire Gold, which is the only certified popular solitaire app that lets you play solitaire for real money and win cash prizes.

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