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How to Win Solitaire Games in Minimum Moves

Solitaire, a game of strategy, patience and mathematical abilities, challenges players on every level and at every move. Being one of the oldest card games of all time, it tests your brain and keeps you hooked with its unique gameplay. It has been played for centuries and remains a favorite of card game lovers for the very reason that it is interestingly different every time you play it.

With the growing popularity and demand of the game, there was an increasing need for a common online platform for players to unite and play. Solitaire Gold is the leading online solitaire application that connects players from all over the country and allows them to play with each other. The more the number of players to compete with, the more interesting the game, right? Yes, thousands of players are playing multiplayer solitaire games on Solitaire Gold round the clock.

To play on Solitaire Gold, all you need is a basic smartphone and a stable internet connection. With the app, you can now play the solitaire game online anytime, anywhere!

The game begins with a deck of 52 cards, some revealed and some unrevealed, arranged in piles, and the ultimate objective of the game is to move all the cards from the tableau to the foundation piles, arranged sequentially according to the suit from ace to king, in the least number of moves. Before you decide to play solitaire for real money, you need to be thorough with the game rules and learn some tips and tricks. Here are some ways in which you can excel at and win solitaire games in minimum moves.

How to win a solitaire game in minimum moves

In a game of solitaire, two kinds of deals are possible: 76 moves in 1-deal and 60 moves in 3-deal. We will understand both of these deals through an example:

At the beginning of a game, 7 tableau columns are present on the table, with the topmost card of each column revealed. Four of these contain aces, while the other three have 2s. Foremost, the aces should be placed and then you can form 2s in four cards and 3s in two cards. If the game goes on like this, you will have a deal in which 28 cards would have been shifted to the foundation piles.

  • In 1-deal, it is mandatory to have a deal that arranges the remaining 24 cards into piles. Now in order to reveal all the cards, there are a minimum of 24 moves that have to be made, and there are 24 cards remaining to be moved to the foundation piles. Therefore, the sum of all possible moves will be 28+24×2= 76. Hence, in 1-deal, winning in minimum 76 moves is possible.
  • In 3-deal, every group of 3s should be arranged backward as per their order of moves. In this case, there is commonly one deck of cards where you keep arranging the pile by shifting the remaining cards sequentially. We see that in this technique, one move results in revealing 3 cards, and to reveal all 24 cards, only 8 moves are needed. Therefore, the sum of all possible moves will be 28+8+24= 60. Hence, in a 3-deal, the game can be won in only 60 moves.

Now that you know the fastest ways and strategies to win a game of solitaire, start practicing! This game requires a lot of strategy, fast thinking and calculation. So do not waste any more time and download the Solitaire Gold app onto your mobile phone for free. Enter the exciting world of solitaire and have fun competing with players from all over the country and winning real cash prizes while enjoying gaming! Happy gaming!

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