Solitaire Gold

Indian Games for Happening Weekends


Solitaire card games are the favorite of people who love to engage in mind-challenging games during the weekends. It is one of the top-rated online and offline games that can be played alone as well as with other players. If you want to play solitaire for real money, try the Solitaire Gold app. It comes with a multiplayer gaming option, which helps you play online anytime and anywhere.   

Most families were reintroduced to this game in the 1990s, when the digital version of the game was offered by Microsoft on Windows PCs. The Solitaire Gold app can be downloaded from the Play Store as well as from the Solitaire Gold website. You can play the game online on your mobile and win real cash prizes while enjoying gaming. With lakhs of registered players on the platform, you have the option to compete with some of the most skilled players in the country and showcase your skills.


If you would like some brain exercise over the weekend, chess is the game for you. Popular in India, chess is a game that we have all grown up playing with our families. It can also help you become better at observing, planning and strategizing. Now with online chess apps available,  you can choose to play chess both offline and online. 


Ludo is great for spending lazy afternoons and late nights having quality entertainment. One of the simplest games, it can be played by people of all ages. All that is needed is a bit of planning and tactical thinking in the game.. 

Snakes and Ladders

You can indulge in the game of snakes and ladders over the weekend. Earlier, ludo and snakes and ladders used to be available in a combo, often printed on the opposite sides of the same playing board. Now with the evolution in technology, you can play snakes and ladders online on your mobile.


Carrom is one of the most loved indoor games in India. The old Parsi man’s line in Munna Bhai MBBS — “Carrom ramwanu, juice pivanu…mazza ni life” — captures the essence of the game and the kind of entertainment it provides. The game is similar to billiards. Players compete to pocket the queen and their carrom men. Earlier we all used to smoothen the carrom board with talcum powder to reduce friction but online apps have removed all these hassles and made it convenient for everyone to play carrom anytime, anywhere. Download a popular carrom app like Carrom Stars and you will get hooked on it. 

We hope you enjoy playing these indoor games while relaxing at home on the weekends. Keep yourself warm and cozy but don’t compromise on fun as these games are available online. So download your favorite game onto your smartphone to get the weekend party started. Happy gaming!

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