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Interesting Trivia About Solitaire Games

Solitaire is one of the classic card games that have continued to retain their huge fan following across the world. Solitaire rules are very simple to grasp, making it an easy learning experience for those who are new to the game. The rise of online gaming and the advancement of technology have allowed traditional games like solitaire to be introduced in the online space. With multiple upgrades happening from time to time, platforms like Solitaire Gold are now offering an experience like never before. It has been a sheer pleasure to be able to see the transition of a classic single-player game into a multiplayer game that allows players from around the world to compete with each other.

Read on to learn some amazing never-heard-before facts about this classic game. 

Microsoft solitaire is 31 years old 

Microsoft Solitaire made its first appearance back in 1990 with the release of Windows 3.0, and it has become one the most installed and played versions of software in the world. It was designed specifically to teach users how to use a mouse. Picking virtual cards, dragging them and dropping them in place taught people the basics of drag-and-drop in Windows, which we still use today.

The game is also known as patience and cabale

When solitaire gained widespread popularity across the world, the game came to be known by several different names in different geographical regions. For instance, solitaire was originally called patience in England, Poland and Germany, often regarded as “an exercise in patience.” In Scandinavian countries, the game is popularly known as cabale. 

The name has a French origin

The word “solitaire” has a French origin and means “a solitary person” or “recluse.” This is because the game was traditionally considered a single-player game. However, the game is now available in multiplayer formats on apps like Solitaire Gold.  

The classic game is over 200 years old 

There are mentions of the rise of solitaire in the 18th century in certain regions of Germany. The game later gained popularity in the UK during the industrial revolution and gradually spread across to other parts of Europe. So the game is at least over 200 years old now. 

The highest score you can make in a Microsoft solitaire game is 24,113

There is a maximum limit of 24,113 points for the score in a regular Microsoft Windows OS game. For every card you move to the foundation piles, you get 10 points. Each time you move a card from the stockpile to the tableau columns, you get 5 points. You get awarded a time bonus if the game lasts beyond 30 seconds. All these things, if done right, can fetch you a score of 24,113. 

Solitaire has more variants than any other card game 

Card games have undergone some immense evolution. The regular game of solitaire has 5 very popular variants known as klondike, freecell, dash, pyramid and spider. This list seems to lengthen each day as various app developers keep coming up with a new twist each time. 

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