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Learn How to Finish Solitaire Card Games in the Fewest Moves

Solitaire, also known as patience, is a popular card game that requires great skill and strategies to win. It can be quite challenging to finish a game of solitaire in the fewest of moves. Before you dive deep into solitaire tips and tricks to win, you must have a good knowledge of solitaire card game rules and moves.

To play solitaire, the first thing you need is a deck of 52 cards, but if you are playing solitaire online, that is not required. The objective of the solitaire card game is to form piles of cards beginning with deuces (2s) and finishing with kings of the same suit.

The next step is to transfer this pile to a foundation with the ace of the suit. Always keep suits and colors in mind while transferring cards. As you finish one pile and foundation, one of your suits will be complete and you have to round up all the other suits similarly to win the game. Your main objective is to finish the game in as few moves as possible. To keep your moves to a minimum in a solitaire game, consider these two situations:

For starters, you must know that in a solitaire game, there are two types of deals. In 1-deal, you have 76 moves, and in 3-deal, you have 60 moves.

Let’s take a look at the equation below to understand both 1-deal and 3-deal moves.

Imagine seven piles of cards are placed on the table. Out of these, four piles consist of A’s while the other three contain 2s. You can then place the aces down and then you can form 2s in four cards and 3s in two cards. If you manage to maintain this system, you have a deal in which the 28 cards in a pile will have likely been shifted to the foundations.

Let’s move to the first situation. In 1-deal, it’s mandatory to have a deal that must take care of the proper arrangement of the leftover 24 cards. To go further in the game and reveal every single remaining card, you require at least 24 moves. You have 24 cards to be placed and shifted to the foundation. If we calculate the sum of all the moves, it will be 76 (28 + 24 x 2 = 76).

If you decide to play 3-deal, every family of 3s should be arranged backward according to their order of moves. In this case, you usually have a deck of cards where you shift the remaining cards one after the other, adding up to the foundation. In such a case, a single move will reveal 3 cards. So to reveal 24 cards, only 8 moves will be required. If we calculate the sum of all the moves, it will only be 60 (28 + 8 + 24 = 60).

You just learned the fastest ways of finishing a game of solitaire. To master these techniques, you require a lot of practice, strategies and strategic thinking. Regardless of which method you choose, keep in mind to have fun whenever you play. For a flawless gaming experience, get a solitaire game download from the best gaming platform Solitaire Gold. With Solitaire Gold on your smartphone, you can play solitaire games anytime anywhere, even on the go, and win real cash prizes. Happy gaming!

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