Solitaire Gold

Meet Mr. Rajveer Sinha, a Proud Winner of ₹75,600 on Solitaire Gold

Rajveer Sinha is elated and jumping with joy as he has won over ₹75,000 in just one week by playing multiplayer solitaire online with the Solitaire Gold app. Rajveer came to know about the Solitaire Gold app while scrolling through Facebook. He had a solitaire game download and in no time, he was hooked on the game.

Rajeev is a regional manager in a BPO. Talking about his solitaire journey, Rajveer shared with us that as a 9-year-old kid, he started playing solitaire games with his grandfather. Soon with the introduction of the Microsoft solitaire game, and fascinated by its charm, he switched to the digital version of the card game. He spent his teenage playing solitaire games online, but soon he started missing the thrill and competition he had while playing the game with his grandfather.

After a long time, Rajeev experienced the same delight of playing solitaire on the Solitaire Gold app. For some time, he couldn’t believe that in addition to enjoying his favorite game of solitaire, he could also win real cash playing the game. Rajeev couldn’t believe that his skills and very small investments could yield such great results. He started playing for entertainment, but soon he started enjoying the added benefit of winning real cash.

It’s evident from Rajeev’s smile that he’s on cloud nine. Thinking about his grandfather, Rajveev gets a little emotional. He was the one who taught him how to win solitaire games. He says if his grandfather was alive, he would have enjoyed playing Solitaire Gold more than even him. But he’s happy and proud that his grandfather’s teachings, tips, tricks, and strategies have made him capable enough to win a lot of real money while enjoying his favorite game of solitaire.

Rajeev is excited to share this news with his family and friends. He is confident that they would be happy and will also start playing solitaire on Solitaire Gold. He wishes everyone a great time and big winnings on Solitaire Gold.

If you’re reading this story of our proud winner and believe that you too have the skills, here’s a perfect platform for you to enjoy solitaire games online and win big cash prizes like Rajeev. There’s no point in waiting when you could be the next big winner sharing your story with others. So download the Solitaire Gold app right now and start playing. Happy gaming! 

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