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Online Solitaire Card Game Myths Debunked

The online card game industry is booming and the rise is not expected to slow down any time soon. The introduction of the real money gaming format has just been an added bonus to the online card game industry. However, the moment something starts gaining popularity the naysayers start spreading rumors. The old-school myths and misconceptions about the online card gaming industry are no different. It is 2022 and high time everyone should be able to separate facts from fiction surrounding online card games. That is exactly what we are going to do. 

Myth: Playing online card games with money is the same as gambling and betting online RMG card game platforms are illegal. 

Fact: Gambling and skill-based gaming are completely different things. According to Indian law, playing games of skill like solitaire for real money is a business activity. The activity of playing a game of skill with cash is protected under Article 19[1](g) of the Constitution of India. Moreover, the Supreme Court of India has also ruled that playing a game in which a player’s chances of success depend mainly on the player’s skill is not gambling. The government also levies income tax on the winnings of ₹10,000 or more in a single game or tournament. Hence, ladies and gentlemen, Solitaire Gold is a completely legal, certified solitaire card game app.

It must be noted that different states have different laws pertaining to online real money games. 

Myth: Online real money gaming is just a fad for big businesses to make profits. 

Fact: It is 2022! The internet is changing how businesses work and unpredictably so. Though multiplayer real money games have indeed become a moneymaker, the focal point of the industry is hardly money. Online gaming and fantasy sports is a passion and online gaming is as competitive as real-world sports with gamers spending years honing their skills. 

Myth: Card games are addictive.

Fact: Card games are not addictive if played responsibly. As is the case with any sort of addiction, it is not about the vices, but more about your will power and habits. Addiction is a serious condition and anybody struggling must seek professional help. Shopping does not make someone a shopaholic, and enjoying a drink does not make one an alcoholic. It is pretty much the same with card games. Card games are a delightful form of entertainment that can keep your mind occupied by providing the right amount of challenge. As long as you treat it that way, card gaming is not a problem. 

Myth: Online card games require high-end gadgets.

Fact: All you need to play free online solitaire is the Solitaire Gold app on the most basic smartphone and a stable internet connection. Most card games available online work perfectly well on a basic PC or a smartphone. No need for fancy equipment or devices with a fancy graphics card. 


That is all for some card game myth-busting. As mentioned, there is no need to hold on to a bunch of baseless ideas. Share this with someone who believes some of these online card gaming myths. And while you are at it, play a game of solitaire on Solitaire Gold. 

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