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Pyramid Solitaire: Rules and Play

Pyramid solitaire is a popular variation of the classic game of solitaire. The game’s name has been derived from the unique initial layout of the game, where cards are arranged with a wide base and built up to a narrow top in a pyramid-like structure. This game is thoroughly enjoyed by many card lovers, especially those who enjoy puzzle games. 

Read on to learn how to play solitaire online and understand important game rules. We have also included tips and tricks of the game to make it more fun for you.

The Play

The objective of the game is to pair up cards whose values total up to 13. Each card has an assigned value as mentioned below:

  • Aces: 1 point each
  • 2-10: Face value
  • Jacks: 11 points each
  • Queens: 12 points each
  • Kings: 13 points each 

A king can be removed without matching it with any other card since it has an individual value of 13. 

The Rules

Here are the basic rules of pyramid solitaire.

  • While building the structure, keep one card at the top and 7 at the bottom. 
  • Only the top card can be revealed each time from the remaining cards of the draw pile. 
  • Cards valuing to a total of 13 are matched and then removed from play. 
  • If any card is blocked by another, a match cannot be made with the card blocked. 
  • Only the top card from the draw pile can be used for pairing up with other cards. 
  • The top card of the draw pile is discarded and moved to the waste pile if no matches are possible. 
  • Waste pile cards cannot be used again. 
  • When you reach a point where no more moves can be made, the game ends and the scores are calculated. 

The Scoreboard 

The best score is 0, which is achieved only when all cards are cleared from the board. If any cards remain on the board, the value of the remaining cards is totaled to determine the player’ final score. The board comprises 47 points in total. 

Play Rounds 

The game can be played over multiple boards since not every board can be cleared. The closing score of the game determines the winner. Considering its popularity online, pyramid solitaire is often played using seeded boards, where two players are guaranteed the same board and the same cards to ensure equal opportunity for each player.

Now that you know the rules of pyramid solitaire, you can try your hand at this classic game online. 
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