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Reason for the Rising Popularity of Online Skill Games in India

Gaming apps have changed the face of the gaming industry. Players from all over the world can now connect with each other and play their favorite games online. Since India is a country with a young population, millions of Indians love to hone their gaming skills on such apps and participate in tournaments as well. It has not only helped them stay entertained but improved skills that can be used in their personal lives as well. 

Players love to indulge in skill games, so they can stay productive even during their breaks, and one such option is a patience game. Solitaire or patience is one of the most loved games played by players all over the world. Apps such as Solitaire Gold have allowed Indian players to play patience card games online for free and use their skills to win cash as well. If you are also wondering why people are choosing skill games as a means of productive entertainment, here are a few reasons:  

What is a skill game? 

Skill games are the games where the outcome of the game is primarily dependent on the skill of the player rather than luck or chance. Skill games do not include the games of chance or luck like lotteries. The player must use his or her skill in the game to win. 

The Indian gaming industry is divided into two parts — online and offline, and in both sectors, skill games are booming. Card games are one of the most popular games. Games like rummy and solitaire are the most popular with Indian players. 

Both of these games test the strategic ability of a player that is why patience game app downloads and rummy app downloads are breaking records. They have to use their skills and mind in the game to beat their opponents. This is why these games are classified as skill games. 

Top reasons for the popularity of skill games 

There are several reasons that are contributing to the rise of skill games in India. Some of the top ones are as follows: 

  • The first reason is productive entertainment. Skill games allow people to improve their skills while playing. It helps them stay productive and improve various skills even during their entertainment time. 
  • Connecting with like-minded players is another significant reason for the popularity of skill games. Online apps allow players to stay connected with each other and compete with anyone from across the world. 
  • Players also say that taking breaks from their lives to play online skill games helps them relax and improve their productivity. 
  • Cash rewards are another reason why skill gaming is becoming popular in the Indian market. Players can use their skills to compete in tournaments and win cash as well. 
  • Another important reason why people indulge in skill games is to gain self-confidence. Since the game requires skills, every time a player wins, it increases their self-confidence. This is why they play games regularly.  


Skill games let you use your entertainment time productively as well. Indian players are now using them as a means to hone their skills while having entertainment. Solitaire is the perfect skill game that helps you improve your focus, patience, and several other skills. If you want to indulge in a game of mere skill and win cash as well, download the Solitaire Gold app today!

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