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Secret Revealed: How to Win Solitaire Games

Winning a solitaire game is not less than solving a puzzle. You need to pay attention to each and every card to put them where they belong. While the basic rules can sometimes help you complete the game, you need to develop advanced skills to become a good player. If you’re looking for ways to learn how to win solitaire games, here are some secret tips, tricks, ideas, and strategies.

#1 Always start with the seven columns

Most of the players start the game on the wrong note and in no time get stuck. Follow a very basic rule of focusing on moving the initial cards in the seven columns before you decide to draw from the stockpile. As soon as more cards are revealed in the column, along with possibilities of forming more sequences, more complexities might also come up. So it’s always better to move cards in the seven columns at first than drawing from the stockpile right away.

#2 Play the aces and twos right away

In a solitaire game, aces and twos (2s) usually can’t help you much to reveal other hidden cards. It is observed these two cards usually weigh you down. So to avoid any unnecessary obstruction during the game put them in the foundation as soon as possible.

#3 Don’t leave an empty space if you don’t have a king to put on it

Remember that only a king can be placed as the first card on an empty space. If you don’t have any king to put on an empty space, that blank spot won’t serve you any good. It is recommended that you do not clear any space just because it’s available or easy to do so. Always wait until you have a king to put there.

#4 Use kings wisely

It is very important to manage kings well in solitaire. Kings can block things up for you if you’re not careful while moving them. When deciding the placement of a king, always think a few turns ahead. At all times, move the king that will help you reveal the most cards in the next step or in the future.

#5 Move cards from the column with the most hidden cards

If you have the option to make different moves, expert solitaire players recommend moving cards from the biggest pile of face-down cards. This will clear a lot of obstructions for you in the game. Give it a try and share with us how it worked for you.

We hope these expert tips help you finish solitaire games in the shortest possible time and you beat your opponents more often. To play the best multiplayer solitaire card game online, download the Solitaire Gold app right now! Happy gaming!

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