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Solitaire is a popular classic card game that millions of people across the world enjoy playing every day. The solitaire card game holds a special place in our hearts for the fun it offers and the nostalgia it evokes. Despite being around since time immemorial, the community of players playing solitaire every day continues to increase. Solitaire’s widespread popularity has given birth to many variants of the game. One of the most popular versions of solitaire is Klondike, offered by Solitaire Gold: the only popular and legally certified app that allows you to play online solitaire for real money and win cash prizes.

Today solitaire remains an inseparable source of productive entertainment for many of us. Scroll down and answer the questions below if you think you know a good deal about the game of solitaire. While you’re at it, also learn some interesting facts about solitaire, which you will come across while taking the quiz. Give it your best shot!

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How many foundation piles does klondike solitaire have?

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Solitaire is a game that requires ________.

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In Klondike solitaire, the cards are arranged in sequence from ________ .

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The objective of Klondike solitaire is to move all the cards to the __________.

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How many tableau columns does Klondike solitaire have?

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Solitaire is also known as _________.

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How many questions were you able to answer correctly? We hope that this quiz helped you learn more about the classic game skills. 

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