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Step-by-Step Instructions to Play TriPeaks Solitaire

TriPeaks solitaire, also called Three Peaks, has gained a lot of popularity among the gaming community due to its fast pace, integrated with an oscillating rhythm of gameplay. The thrill of destroying each peak while also maintaining chain streaks before the stockpile runs out is what makes the game so interesting.

TriPeaks is safe and legal to play. It is a verified online game and is made for the sole purpose of entertainment of the players. No foul play is involved, and the cards dealt are absolutely random and bias-free. You can play solitaire for real money if you are confident about your game and are looking to play with a diverse crowd.

The game’s know-how is similar to the regular solitaire gameplay. The only major difference is that instead of building foundation piles, the goal is to destroy “peaks” by flipping face-down cards. As the name suggests, the game begins with three peaks or pyramids of cards, and the players attempt to remove the three peaks, bottom-up, as they progress in the game.

The objective

The objective of the game is to transfer all the cards from the tableau columns to the waste pile, uncovering cards further up the peaks, making them available for play. You win the game when you have moved all the cards from the tableau columns to the waste pile, demolishing the three peaks.

The gameplay

  1. Start the game by turning over the topmost card in the stockpile. This move will determine the next card playable. 
  2. Now from the triple peaks, you need to select one card that can go above or below the topmost card on the stockpile, according to suit and color. For example, the card on the stockpile is a 5 of hearts. A 6 of spades/ clubs or a 4 of spades/clubs (if open) from the three peaks can be placed on the stockpile.
  3. Repeat the process until no card from the peaks is able to be placed on the stockpile. When both cards bordering a card in the peaks have been removed, that card will become available to play. It is better to flip over the maximum number of cards as early as possible in the game.
  4. You can only go through the stockpile once. Since there are no resets allowed, do not use the stockpile unless you definitely cannot move any cards from the peaks.
  5. Keep playing until all your cards from the peaks are deposited in the stockpile or your stockpile ends. In case of the latter, you lose the game, while if you are successfully able to destroy all peaks with some cards remaining in the stock pile, you win.

That was all about TriPeaks solitaire. It is easy to learn, and with practice, you’ll be able to master the tricks of the trade in no time!  Play solitaire card game online today and use your gaming skills to win big. Advance to higher levels of gameplay and compete with skilled players globally to establish your TriPeaks solitaire supremacy. Happy gaming!

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