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The Easiest Winning Strategies for Solitaire Games

Solitaire is one of the most popular card games all over the globe. As a result of the rapid development of technology and the rise of the internet, this classic game is now available to play online on your mobile. A huge number of people play the game with their friends and family on virtual platforms every day. Even if you don’t know how to play solitaire, online platforms like Solitaire Gold provide detailed guides and tutorials to help you understand the game rules and learn to play it. With its simple yet exciting play, this evergreen game can keep you engaged for hours at a time.

Despite its simplicity, a lot of strategies are involved in the game, which makes it even more entertaining. Read on to learn some tricks and strategies that will help you ace the game of solitaire. 

Start with larger piles 

Always flip the cards in larger piles first as revealing cards hidden in these piles will give you a better chance at finding useful cards. Finding useful cards as soon as possible will make it easier for you to finish the game faster and win. It is highly recommended to turn over cards in bigger columns first. 

Do not to empty a spot until you have a king 

Only a king can fill an empty spot in a tableau column. If you don’t have a king in hand, don’t make the mistake of emptying any tableau column just to move cards from that slot. This is because if you don’t have a king to fill in that spot, it might remain vacant the whole time. This blocks off an entire column of play until you are lucky enough to find a king from the cards revealed. 

Keep the card colors in mind 

Choosing a black or red king for filling up an empty space is a crucial decision as it dictates the color order for the rest of the column. You must mindfully consider which queens and jacks you have available to move forward with piling. 

Flip the top card in the stockpile first

This trick might seem simple but is often overlooked by players. Don’t make the mistake of building your piles and moving cards around the table before flipping over the first face-down card in the stockpile. This card should be turned over first as it opens more options for both foundation piles and tableau columns. More options are directly proportional to better chances of winning. 

Don’t make unnecessary moves 

It might seem tempting to shuffle cards from pile to pile, but it’s not always the best strategy to win. You might lock valuable cards of different colors behind lower cards, which just might be the worst recipe for locking yourself out of the victory lap. As a general rule, don’t shuffle cards just because you can. Move cards only when there’s a clear benefit. You know the number of moves made matters in the game.

Those were some of the best tactics to ace the game of solitaire. Combine these simple tricks and strategies with yours to win real money on Solitaire Gold. Play the solitaire game online  for real money and win huge cash prizes on the Solitaire Gold app. Happy gaming!

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