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The Most Useful Tactics You Can Use in Klondike Solitaire

Solitaire is a popular game. Ever since the game was introduced in its digital form in the 1990s, people have been indulging in this game regularly. It became a part of our childhood, and many of us can still remember the good old days of playing solitaire after school. The gaming industry has come so far, but there is still a special place for solitaire in every heart. 

The introduction of gaming apps seems like a gift, and apps like Solitaire Gold are the perfect platform to learn how to play solitaire online. Online apps have made it possible to play your favorite game in a multiplayer mode and even compete in tournaments. So if you mastered this game in childhood, now is your chance to use your skills and win some cash in the process. 

Compete with the best players in the country in leagues/tournaments and win exciting cash prizes. If you grew up playing solitaire on your desktop, you must be aware of some tactics that help you win. 

Here we share some of the most helpful tactics that you can use against your competitors and maximize your chances of winning. 

Avoid potential blocks

When you play a solitaire game online, avoid blocking any column. It will help you maintain speed and finish the game before your opponent. There is a stockpile to help you avoid the block. Since solitaire is a skill game, you will need to stay focused throughout the game and make the best moves quickly. When you play competitively, every second you save will count. This is why you should make moves to avoid a block as much as you can. A block will take up your time and will ultimately cost you the game. So try to analyze the position before moving a card, and keep changing your strategy as the cards uncover to prevent getting stuck in a block. 

Practice regularly

The game of solitaire entirely depends on the skill and speed of the player. So if you are able to analyze the situation quickly and move your cards accordingly, your chances of winning will be automatically higher. However, you cannot gain speed if you only play on occasion. If you want to become a better solitaire player, you must practice regularly. It will improve your focus, observation and speed. 

Don’t move cards without a reason 

This is one of the most common mistakes made by new players. If you have placed the right card, there is no reason to move it. Many players feel like shuffling their cards for no reason. It not only affects their position in the game but will cost them time as well. So if you want to become a better solitaire player, you should only move cards for a reason. If you don’t see a clear benefit of moving a card, you shouldn’t move it. Your move should either give you points, or it should reveal the next card. If they are serving neither purpose, there is no reason to move them unless you are stuck. 


Klondike solitaire is one of the most played solitaire versions. It has been a part of people’s lives for decades. Not only is it a means of productive entertainment, but it also helps you exercise your mind and improve several skills. Do you think you have the best solitaire skills? Now you can put them to good use. Download the Solitaire Gold app and use your solitaire skills to stay entertained and win cash rewards. Happy gaming!

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