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Three Most Famous Versions of Solitaire

As kids, we were introduced to the solitaire game on our Windows computers. But what if we told you that the game existed way before we’d even heard about it? Solitaire is a card game that was traditionally played with a physical deck of playing cards. It was later popularized by Microsoft Solitaire, a digital version of the game that was included with the Windows operating system from 1990 onwards.This was the era when desktops were seen only at workplaces.

It is believed that the ulterior motive of introducing the solitaire game on the desktop was to habituate people to use the mouse and familiarize themselves with features like dragging and dropping, and the overall graphic interface of the computer. As the game gained popularity, Microsoft kept introducing new versions of solitaire in its operating system. Later Microsoft stated that solitaire, in fact, was the most used software in the entire Microsoft family. Its popularity increased multifold and employers started getting concerned about providing computers at workplaces as they thought it was decreasing the productivity of their employees. Digitizing an already-popular game turned out to be a tremendous success. Let’s see which versions of this popular game are most loved by players: 

  1. Klondike

Klondike is the most popular variation of the solitaire game. In the UK, it is also known as patience. This is the same version that we grew up playing on our PCs. This version became so famous that most people now, simply call it solitaire.

Klondike has all the standard elements: a foundation pile for each suit, a tableau with alternate color building, a stockpile, and a waste pile. Once you know how to play klondike, a large number of solitaire games and their rules will seem familiar to you.

  1. Freecell

This variation of solitaire is slightly different. In freecell, cards are dealt face up into eight columns and there are open cells to reserve the cards. In addition to foundation piles, there are four storage cells that can be used to temporarily store a card from the bottom of any column. When compared to the other versions of solitaire, freecell is easier to play and highly possible to solve.

The game begins with the dealing of a pack of 52 cards into eight tableau piles. All the cards are dealt face up, which makes freecell an open game. Open solitaire games are usually very interesting and give you a great opportunity to use and enhance your skills, and freecell is no exception.

  1. Spider

Spider has several variations depending upon the number of cards dealt. This game is for everyone because one can always customize its difficulty level by deciding how many decks of cards are to be dealt in the game.

In this game, there are 10 tableau piles, and while the piles can be built regardless of suits, only groups of cards of the suit can be moved together. When 13 cards are grouped by suit in descending order, they are removed from play. The objective, however, is to get cards of the same suit in the order of ace to king.

Now that you know about the popular versions of solitaire, don’t miss out on this fun game. Get a solitaire game free download on your smartphone and enjoy playing. Happy gaming!

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