Solitaire Gold

Top 5 Highlights of the Solitaire Gold App

What makes nostalgia come alive? The fact that it can be relived again with your friends. Solitaire Gold offers its users just that. The thrill of playing your favorite card game with real players across the country is an unmatched experience. Millions are hooked to this game with all their hearts and hands. Since the launch of Microsoft Solitaire back in the 1990s, this classic game has stayed with us even after decades. With a lot of resources and guides available online, even those who are new to the game can learn how to play solitaire quickly and get started on their journey toward victory and big winnings.

Read on to learn the top features and highlights of the Solitaire Gold app and become an ardent fan of the game in no time! 

  1. Bot elimination

Playing with bots has never been satisfying. With the online version of solitaire being available, the game now offers users the opportunity to compete with real players anytime, anywhere! You can utilize your solitaire skills while playing against some of the most skilled players across the country and defeat them to win real cash prizes. 

  1. Multiplayer formats

Players can now play head-to-head against each other, or challenge themselves by participating in leagues/tournaments. Leagues allow multiple people to participate in a single contest. WIth thousands of players playing on the platform around the clock, you do not have to wait for anybody to get started. The platform has also integrated a Fair Play policy that ensures no form of collusion or cheating takes place in a game. A hassle-free experience is determined from start to end. 

  1. Bonuses and rewards

There are daily bonuses and exclusive rewards to enhance your overall gaming experience. On registering with the platform and making your first deposit, you get a welcome bonus of upto ₹1500. With the Refer and Earn program, you can invite your friends to play on the platform and get upto ₹500 for every successful referral. This bonus money can be used to play more cash games and win real money in prizes.

  1. 100% Legal

The Supreme Court has passed a judgement that classifies the game as “predominantly a skill game.” The apex court observed that playing skill games for real money is legal and must be considered a business activity. Moreover, income tax is deducted from every amount of ₹10,000 or more won in a single contest.

  1. Safe and secure

Solitaire Gold keeps its users at the highest priority. There is a 24×7 dedicated customer support team that addresses and resolves any queries or issues in the least possible time. 

Solitaire Gold uses platform-wide encryption, which ensures all the information shared by players remains fully confidential. The platform’s foolproof security system safeguards all online transactions, making it a 100% safe and secure platform to play solitaire online. It has also made KYC verification mandatory for players to withdraw any winnings.

Players from every nook and corner of the world are tuning in to the platform to upgrade their gaming experience. Download Solitaire Gold today and become a part of the exciting solitaire community. 

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