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Top Card Games to Play

Playing cards has been a popular form of entertainment across the world since time immemorial. Having gradually evolved over centuries, a standard deck of cards includes 52 cards of four suits: Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. Modern decks sometimes also include a joker as the 53rd card. 

Most people know a handful of games played using a deck of cards. One such popular game is solitaire, which has been a favorite of many card game lovers over the past three decades. Even those who are new to the game can easily learn how to play solitaire using the detailed guides and tutorials available on the Solitaire Gold app.

While games like solitaire have continued to retain their popularity over the years, there is a whole unexplored world of card games. Read on to discover several exciting games that you can play with a standard card deck. 

Social and Family Games

If you are looking for a fun game to play, the games in this category are for you: 

Blitz (2-12 players): Blitz, also known as Thirty one, is a popular casual card game that is played by drawing and discarding a card on each turn. The objective of the game is to collect three cards of the same suit that add up to 31, or as close as possible to 31 without exceeding the number.

Fan-Tan  (3-6 players): Also known as Sevens, Fan-tan requires players to play a card to a common layout in turns, which will begin with 7 as a foundation for each suit. The aim is to play all your cards after a 7 has been played. 

Speed (2-4 players): Famously called Spit, Speed is a quick game that is easy to play. The aim is to quickly get rid of all your cards by playing cards of higher or lower value to a common stock simultaneously. 

Trick-Taking Games 

Trick-taking games are the most popular type of card games. Classics like Hearts and Spades are good examples of the games in this category. Such games revolve around a series of tricks in which each trick involves everyone playing a card from their hand, with the trick/hand typically going to the person who played the highest card

500 (4 players): This game is often promoted as the national game of Australia. It is played for several rounds. You win the game by earning 500 points or forcing your opponents to reach -500 points. 

Hearts (3-7 players): Hearts is an all-time classic trick-taking game where players compete for the lowest points. The goal of the game is to avoid winning tricks/hands containing Hearts and the queen of Spades, the latter of which is worth 13 points.

Oh Hell (3-7 players): Known by many other names too such as “Oh Pshaw” and “Nomination Whist,” Oh Hell is a game where players bid the number of tricks they expect to take. Games are played for a set number of rounds. At the end of the final round, the player with the highest score wins. 

Non-Trick Taking Games

The games listed below can also be categorized under social and family games, but these games require players to make strategies and think more analytically to win.

Canasta (4 players): Extremely popular in the 1950s, Canasta is a unique rummy game that uses two standard card decks. In this game, players or two players in a partnership each try to arrange groups of three or more cards of the same rank and score bonuses for 7-card melds.

Gin (2 players): Gin is an exciting variant of rummy. The objective is to arrange cards in the required combinations and have as little deadwood as possible at the end of the game. A game gets over when a player reaches 100 points.

We hope you enjoyed reading the post. You can try out some of these games and enjoy playing card games online. Happy gaming!

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