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Variants of Solitaire

The game of solitaire has several variations. A particular solitaire collection is said to have close to 499 variations of the game, where the number is a lowball figure of the actual variations. Since it is not practically possible to cover all the variations of the game, here are a few you can take a look at: 

  1. Klondike 

This is the most popular variation of the solitaire game. In the UK, it is also known as patience. It gets the name patience from the occurrence of the gold rush in Klondike, Canada. The gold prospectors back then made this game popular and then it gained popularity in North America. 

Klondike has all the standard elements (a foundation pile for each suit, a tableau with alternate color building, a stockpile, a waste pile).  Once you know how to play Klondike, a large number of solitaire games and solitaire rules will seem familiar to you. 

  1. Freecell 

This variation of solitaire is slightly different. For instance, cards are dealt face up and there are open cells to reserve the cards. As compared to the other versions of solitaire, Freecell is easier to play and highly possible to solve, given everything is done right. There is just a 0.0008% possibility of getting unsolvable Freecell cards! 

The game begins by dealing a pack of 52 cards into the eight tableau piles. All the cards are face up, which makes Freecell an open game. Open solitaire games are usually the most interesting and give you a great opportunity to use your skills, and Freecell is no exception

  1. Spider 

Just like Klondike, this version, called spider, has several variations depending on the number of cards being dealt. It is a casual, fun solitaire game that is great for everyone because the difficulty level can be customized by deciding how many decks of cards to deal. 

In this game, there are 10 tableau piles, and while the piles can be built regardless of suits, only groups of cards built by suit can be moved together. Spider differs from most solitaire games in that there are no foundation piles. When 13 cards are grouped by suit in descending order, they are removed from play. The object is to remove all the cards from play.

We hope these three variations of the game got you excited to try and explore each one of them. Start your exciting gaming journey with a game of classic solitaire on Solitaire Gold. Happy gaming! 

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