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What Are the Winning Strategies in Solitaire?

Solitaire is one of the most well-known games around the world. Solitaire first gained popularity when Microsoft integrated the game into their PCs back in 1990. The purpose of this was to get people familiar with the usage of the mouse. Thanks to the internet boom and the rise of the online gaming industry, you can now play solitaire free online. Traditionally a single-player game, several solitaire platforms now offer players a multiplayer mode to play the game, which allows you to connect and play with some of the most skilled players across the country.

Despite being an easy game, solitaire can be quite challenging as it requires players to use their knowledge of the game and skills to win. If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering how to play solitaire efficiently. Here are the top four strategies that you can use to step up your game, sharpen your skills, and win cash prizes:

Strategy 1 – Draw a card from the stockpile

Drawing a new card from the stockpile as your first move is great. It not only gives you more options to plan ahead but also helps you stack the existing cards efficiently. As the game focuses on stacking all the cards according to suit in their respective foundations, columns can be stacked only if the card is lesser in rank and of an alternate color. This is why it is better to draw one from the stockpile to increase the chances of winning right at the beginning. 

Strategy 2 – Play aces and deuces 

A well-known strategy, aces and deuces must be placed into the foundation piles as soon as they are revealed, as they do not help reveal another card and only slow down your game. Nearly everyone who plays solitaire is aware of this strategy, and it must be used efficiently to make the most of the remaining cards and finish the game as quickly as possible. 

Strategy 3 – Do not empty spaces without a king 

You must be aware that only a king can be the first card in an empty spot. If you don’t have a king, it is highly recommended that you do not remove all the cards from a slot because that space will otherwise remain empty. Many players make this mistake of emptying a column without having a king in hand. This simply blocks an entire column until you get lucky enough to get a king among your other cards.

Strategy 4 – Uncover cards in larger stacks first

If there are different moves available that can be made, moving cards from the biggest pile of face-down cards is a good idea. It is better to move it and try to turn over as many of them as possible. This solitaire trick will help you uncover more useful cards that you can use to build piles of the cards already revealed.

All the strategies mentioned above can be used to your benefit to get better at solitaire. Solitaire games have been around for centuries, and thanks to digitalization, you can revisit your childhood and take the game on as a challenge with a simple tap of your fingers. Download the solitaire game app now and begin your journey into the exciting world of solitaire!

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