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What is the Easiest Solitaire Variant to Play?

Solitaire is a classic card game that has been around since time immemorial. The game was traditionally a single-player game. However, with the introduction of the solitaire game, play online, it can now be played with multiple players from across the country anytime, anywhere. 

Given the popularity of the game around the world, there are hundreds of variants of the game available to play. If you’re looking for a simple and easy solitaire variant to get started, here are our top 3 picks: 

  1. Klondike: 

This is the most basic, easiest and the best variant to begin your solitaire journey with. Whenever you think of solitaire, we’re sure you think of klondike. This is the version of the game that most of us are familiar with, since it was integrated by Microsoft into their PCs back in 1990. Once you understand the game and try to play it, there is no going back. The need to win is present in every individual, and before you know it, you’re playing every deal that comes your way and are completely hooked to the game! 

How to play

This version of solitaire requires only a single standard card deck. The objective of the game is to arrange all 13 cards of each suit in an ascending order from ace to king in the four foundation piles. The cards are laid out ranging from 1 to 7 in seven columns. You can move a card to another column in the layout if the top card in that column has a lower value and is of an alternate color. For example, a black 5 can move onto a red 6. This is the classic version of solitaire and is often called the “builder” type due to its gameplay. 

  1. Pyramid: 

As opposed to the previous “builder” type, pyramid is an “addition/pairing game.” The name pyramid comes from the unique layout of cards on the tableau at the beginning of the game. It takes the shape of a pyramid with a large base and a narrow top. This is one of the best and easiest games in the pairing genre. Pyramid resonates better with puzzle-loving gamers. 

How to play

The game’s objective is to discard all the 52 cards and bring down the pyramid. You get rid of cards by matching two cards whose ranks equal 13 together. In this card game, the aces have a value of one, the jacks have a value of 11, the queens carry a value of 12, and the kings have a total value of 13. These cards can be removed by themselves and do not require another card to pair with it.

  1. Spider Solitaire: 

Spider is another famous variant of solitaire that was popularized by the Windows version from 1995. Its name comes from the eight legs of a spider, referencing the 8 foundation piles of solitaire. Within a decade since its release, spider surpassed klondike in terms of popularity. Since the original version was difficult to play for casual players, two relatively easier versions were developed: 1-suit spider and 2-suit spider. 

How to play

Spider requires players to use two standard card decks, which make a total of 104 cards. This variant of solitaire is different from the others as it does not involve placing cards into foundation piles. Instead, players need to stack the cards in the tableau in a descending order. When 13 cards are grouped by suit in a descending order, they are removed from play. The objective, however, is to get cards of the same suit in an ascending order of ace to king.

To conclude, all versions have a different feel to them, and you can choose to start from any of the options above and work your way through several practice games to become an expert at playing solitaire! So what are you waiting for? Go for a solitaire game download and showcase your gaming skills to take home big winnings!

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