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What Makes Spider Solitaire Different from Scorpion Solitaire

Solitaire is a classic game that has been the top choice of card game lovers across the globe for decades. Given its widespread popularity, the game has given rise to hundreds of variants, each of which are similar yet unique in their own way. Even those who are new to the game can learn how to win solitaire contests by simply understanding the objective of the game and learning its rules thoroughly. Though the main objective of almost all solitaire variations is the same, the gameplay and rules can differ tremendously from one variant to another. 

Two such variants of solitaire that manage to keep players hooked to them with their unique gameplay are spider and scorpion. In this blog post, we will discuss the major differences between these two popular variations of the classic solitaire game.

The set-up 

Unlike most variants of solitaire that require only one card deck to play, spider solitaire uses two card decks i.e. 104 cards in total. These cards are then divided into 10 tableau columns and 8 foundation piles, and the remaining 50 cards make up the stockpile. There is only one card suit used in the game, unlike the other variants where there are four different suits to play with. 

Scorpion solitaire is more like the other solitaire variants as compared to spider solitaire. This variant is played with one card deck (52 cards) and consists of 7 tableau columns, 4 foundation piles and one stockpile that is made up of 3 cards. Like other solitaire variants, scorpion is played with the usual four card suits. 

The rules 

In spider solitaire, you can move any card over another card of a higher rank, irrespective of suit as there is only one suit used to play. In scorpion solitaire, you can move a card over another card only if the latter is of a higher rank than the one being moved and both of them belong to the same suit.

Just like most other solitaire variants, while playing scorpion solitaire, you can only place kings or sequences that begin with a king of any suit to fill an empty space in the tableau. However, while you are playing spider solitaire, you can place any card to fill a tableau column that is empty. So if you have a card that needs to be moved around to create space for another sequence, you can do that without the stress and hassle of rearranging other tableau columns. 

You can distribute cards from the stockpile at any time while playing scorpion solitaire. However, in spider solitaire, you can do it only when every tableau column has at least one card placed in it. In most solitaire games, you can move multiple cards from one tableau column to another as long as the rules of the suits are followed. That same rule is applicable in scorpion solitaire too. However, in the case of spider solitaire, you can do it only if the cards follow the correct sequential order and belong to the same suit. 

These were some major differences between spider solitaire and scorpion solitaire. Solitaire is a skill game that requires sufficient practice to ace. Online platforms like Solitaire Gold provide players with unlimited practice games, which can be utilized by beginners to get a good understanding of the gameplay and rules. Once you feel confident about your game, you can start playing cash games and leagues and take home real cash prizes. So what are you waiting for? Go for a solitaire game download on your mobile phone right away! Happy gaming!

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