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Why Skill Games like Solitaire Are Better than Games of Chance

Talk about chance-based games and you might back out, citing multiple examples of your innate bad luck. However, skill games like solitaire rely less on your luck as they require players to have the expertise and skills to win. So after practice and sharpening your skills, you can play solitaire for real money and win real cash prizes without having to worry about your luck.  

Wondering about the difference between skill games and games of luck/chance? Read on to find out. 

Skill vs. Chance/Luck

Skill games require players to be well familiar with the game and game rules and have skills such as critical thinking, logical reasoning and decision-making to be able to win. Here a player’s skills play the determining role in the outcome of the game, instead of factors like luck or chance. On the other hand, games of luck/chance depend mainly on chance or the player’s luck and hence they are extremely unpredictable. Here the skills and expertise of a player play little role in the outcome of the game and the major deciding factor is chance or luck. If you had to choose between skill games and games of chance/luck, always choose skills. This is because skill games allow you to polish your gaming skills and use them to win. 

Most importantly, winning cash/real money in skill games is legal while playing games of luck/chance for real money is illegal and considered betting or gambling.  


The Supreme Court of India ruled in 1996 that playing any game of skill for real money is legal and not gambling or betting. The court defined “game of skill” as a game in which the player’s success depends predominantly on the player’s skill, expertise, knowledge and experience rather than on chance or luck. The Indian law protects the activity of playing a game of skill with cash. 

Games of chance/luck depend majorly on factors like luck or chance and are extremely unpredictable. The apex court said that in these cases, the results are “wholly uncertain and doubtful.” So playing such games for real money is considered gambling.

Games like online solitaire and online rummy are categorized as skill games. So these games are fully legal to play online for real money. The government levies an income tax on a cash prize of over ₹10,000 won in a single contest or tournament.  

What makes Solitaire Gold so popular

The legality of skill games has been a major driving force behind the popularity of skill games like Solitaire Gold. It is the only major app that allows you to play solitaire for real money and win cash prizes.
The overall layout and brand-new features provided by Solitaire Gold  in its solitaire card game online have been winning Indian’s hearts. Solitaire Gold stands out from its competitors, thanks to its brilliant graphics, user-friendly interface and the unique feature of real money gaming. The platform offers a multiplayer mode and exciting leagues, which allow players to compete with real players from across the country and win real cash prizes. The game is an awesome package of productive entertainment that will never let you down. Download this fantastic Solitaire Gold app today and make the full use of your card-gaming skills to win real money in a perfectly legal way! Happy gaming!

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