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Why Solitaire Is Considered a Skill Game, Not a Game of Chance

If you grew up in the 90s and early 2000s, you must have played solitaire on your computer. Now what if we told you that you can win some very exciting cash prizes just by playing the card game you love? Well, that is what Solitaire Gold is all about. It’s a game that provides you with great entertainment and opportunities to win real money in the form of cash prizes. The solitaire card games on Solitaire Gold are designed to keep you engaged, excited and entertained. 

There is a common misconception that surrounds card games like solitaire. Some ignorant people think that your success in solitaire games depends on your luck. However, that is not true at all. There is a lot of planning and strategizing that goes into winning a game of solitaire. From stacks, piles and tableaus, every move has an impact on how your game turns out. 

The same cards are dealt to all players in a game

You are dealt exactly the same cards as your opponent(s) and in the exactly the same layout. Your success in the game is fully dependent on the moves you make. So there is no question of an opponent getting better cards or any undue advantage. The chance/luck factor is eliminated when all the opponents are dealt the same cards and are given the same time to solve the game. 

Use of skills

You need to use different skills like decision making, analytical thinking and mathematical abilities to win solitaire games. Making random moves won’t take you far. As is the case with all skill games, to become an expert at playing solitaire, you need a lot of practice. The Solitaire Gold app allows you to play an unlimited number of free games to sharpen your skills. Once you have good skills, you can win some very exciting cash prizes! All you need to do is go for a solitaire download and use your skills to beat your opponents. 

Playing with real people 

Playing with a computer and playing with a person are two completely different experiences. On Solitaire Gold, you play with real card game lovers from across the country. All the opponents have equal opportunity to win the game and the outcome depends on the level of their skills. Just open the app at any time of the day or night and play the game with solitaire lovers from across the country. Winning is a lot more satisfying and rewarding when you beat people as opposed to bots. 

Solitaire Gold is India’s first and only major platform where you can win real cash prizes playing solitaire. Offering an amazing game like this to the online gaming community has revolutionized the card game industry in the country. If you are someone who enjoys playing card games, Solitaire Gold is the perfect mobile app for you to have great productive entertainment online. Download the game right now and start playing to win huge cash prizes! Happy gaming!

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