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Solitaire, like every other game, has its own terminology. Those fond of the game are usually familiar with the terminology. However, the question here is whether your understanding of the terms is right. People often learn these words from their playing partners, but it is not necessary that the meaning learned is correct. For example, what is the exact distinction between a court card and a face card? What is the proper name of the four suits? Should “Cloves” be given preference over “Clubs”?

To help you learn the right meanings, below is a small list of terms popularly used in the solitaire card game along with their meanings. If you’re a solitaire expert, this list may simply be a refresher. If you’re a newbie to the game, this list will help you get started in the game. Whichever may be the case, knowing and speaking the language of cards will surely be helpful for your journey in the world of solitaire. So read on.

  • Build Up

To build up means to lay cards in the foundation in ascending order. If you put them in descending order, it is called building down.

  • Cascade

It means cards that are built on each other with the first card being visible and available to play. The number of cards in each column is equal to the number of columns. This set-up is called a cascading staircase.

  • Centre

The middle part of the layout.

  • File

A column in the tableau.

  • Layout

An arrangement of the cards dealt, consisting of the stock, the foundation and the tableau.

  • Hand

The draw pile or the stock that remains once the tableau is laid out.

  • Space

The empty space that is left when the cards are removed from a pile.

  • Stack

Cards that are placed on each other such that only the top card is visible.

  • Tableau

The layout of the cards that have been dealt.

  • Talon

The cards that are turned up from the stock or the hand and are laid out as unwanted cards. These cards are also known as waste or the waste pile.

We hope this list helped you gain some insight into the terminology used in the game of solitaire. It is imperative that you know the game terminology well to learn or master it. Not just basic terms, some solitaire tricks also have specific names! If you love playing this game, you can also play solitaire for real money. Become a solitaire expert, but remember to practice responsible gaming at all times. Happy gaming!

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