What Our Players Say


Naveen D

The game is just awesome. I play it whenever I get the time. I have been playing it for 6 months and I am just enjoying the game. I have won more than one lakh rupees. The customer support is very responsive and I can withdraw money within just a couple of minutes. Overall it is a very good game and I am loving each and every rupee I am winning on Solitaire Gold.



Hello, my name is Md. Asraf Ali. I play on Solitaire Gold regularly. It’s a great app. Thank you Solitaire Gold team for developing such an amazing app that allows me to win money. I really love it. Thanks.


Jai Prakash Singh

I find the Solitaire Gold app to be the best among all the games. I have won millions of rupees on it so far and it is very easy to play this game. Thank you so much Solitaire Gold for allowing players to win a lot of money. I am so happy with the instant withdrawal feature of this app, and if there is a game related issue, it is very efficiently resolved by the customer care team. My thanks to the great customer support team.



Solitaire is a good game. I won almost 1 lakh rupees in a span of 3-4 months and it helped me a lot in these tough times.


Anil Saini

The game is very good and it helps me to win money. The customer care team is so supportive. I get resolution immediately after raising a query. App features are good, especially the instant withdrawal feature that makes it very easy to withdraw cash.



I love playing the Solitaire Gold game. This game is the same as it used to run on the laptop. It is very easy and I have won a lot of money playing it, which was immediately transferred to my bank account. If there is any game related problem, the customer care solves this problem very promptly, which makes a player’s experience great. Thank you Solitaire Gold.


Anil Kumar

Hello, I have been playing on Solitaire Gold for the past 5-6 months. I have had an awesome gaming experience and have won over Rs. 50,000 on this app. The customer support is simply amazing.


Surender Kumar

Playing our childhood game like solitaire on the mobile brings back those sweet memories. Solitaire Gold is a really fun game. The customer support team is awesome and instant withdrawals on the app make it a great experience. I’m so glad I found this app. Thanks, Team Solitaire Gold.


Pankaj Gautam

No other game company provides the kind of customer support that Solitaire Gold does. Your customer care team listens to every query very carefully and resolves them very quickly. Thanks, Solitaire Gold team 👍👍👍👍👍 for listening to my query carefully and resolving it promptly.



This game has helped me a lot. I enjoyed it very much during my pregnancy. My husband was laid off because of the lockdown and we had to face a lot of financial difficulties but this game came to our rescue. I paid my hospital bills with the money I won on Solitaire Gold. The customer support of Solitaire Gold is the best. I love Solitaire Gold.


Anuj Kumar

Solitaire Gold is a very interesting and entertaining game. It’s the only solitaire app that allows you to play for real money and win cash prizes. The result of the game depends totally on your skills. Solitaire Gold’s cash withdrawal and customer support service is just awesome. Thanks a lot, Team Solitaire Gold!


Narendra Kumar

It’s a 5 star app. Very fast and great customer support, and easy, instant withdrawals. Every feature is amazing. I just love this game.